Pantry Cooking-Italian style

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Sundays seem to be the hardest day to plan for when it comes to food. We rush out to church, each one grabs their own breakfast. Then by the time we come home, we all grab a sandwich or leftovers for lunch. We leave again for evening activities which makes dinner a struggle. No one is ever hungry enough to eat before we leave but we are all starving when we get back home. It’s enough to make even the most organized person go insane.

Most days it’s a “fend for yourself” dinner and we all eat something different. Last night looked like it was turning into one of those nights but I decided to snoop in my pantry to see what I could create. It had to be quick, taste good, provide leftovers for Phil’s lunch and if it was healthy, well that was an added bonus. What I came up with was very simple. We had linguine with pesto sauce and cannellini beans with garlic. The flavors all meshed nicely and was a healthy, meatless dinner. It only took me 20 minutes to get it on the table.

I love it when a good meal comes together like that. What is your go-to meal when you are short on time and/or ingredients?

3 thoughts on “Pantry Cooking-Italian style

  1. It is either a pasta dish or quesadillas. Both are so great to use up little bits and pieces you have hanging around.

    • Debbie, that is so true. Pasta and rice, for that matter, are so versitile when it comes to using up leftovers. And I love mixing cheese and tortillas with any leftover meats for quesadillas. I try to throw in veggies too but some folks in my house turn up their noses at that one!

  2. I can SO relate to the last minute mad dash to the table. It usually happens when everyone is STARVING and that’s when the telephone rings, dog barks and neighbor stops by.

    Last minute stuff? I go for frozen. Or eggs and vegetables. Or grilled cheese.

    Happy cooking, happy cooker.


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