Appetizer Class Menu

Today I’ll be teaching my first adult cooking class. My group of students will be some lovely folks from a senior assisted living home. I’m not only very excited but rather anxious to get this right. I know I can do it but it’s the time leading up to the class that is the worst. Believe me, I do fine once I am “on”. I never lack for words or jokes and my skills are up to par for an appetizer class. If I could just calm down now!  Imagine me the week of the 19th! Yikes.  I hope I can get some pictures of the finished products today but we’ll see what I can do. Here is my planned menu:

Hummus and pita, which the cafe’ will provide

Salami wrapped stuffed black olives

Cheesy artichoke cups

Tuscan Bean dip with pretzel crisps and celery for dipping

Rosemary Artichoke/Mushroom skewers

Caprese salad plate

I’ll post the ingredients list/directions in a separate post under the recipe tab. If you want to see them, look up at the top and click on recipes. I think it’s easier to organize the page this way. I am very behind and reposting my recipes under that tab. It’s extra work and I’ve just been lazy about it.

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