Reflections on my hectic week

Permit me a bit of monologuing here for a while. This past week has been incredibly busy and full of little people. I have spent time with all 5 grandchildren this week. For a few days, 4 of them came to stay and we had a lot of fun with our tea party, library visit and bubble baths. It was a joy to watch my 10 month old grandson, who is a twin, take his first steps. He waddles like a penguin when he walks. It’s so cute. His brother is only a few balancing steps behind him. Both babies are happy boys who love to smile. Daniel, the walker, already knows what the camera is and he readily smiled for all the pictures I took. See what I mean?

David is called “big smiles” because he also loves to smile. His smiles were harder to capture on film.

Big brother Asher has always loved the camera.

I am in awe of my daughter and her ability to care for her 4 children on a daily basis. I love how she feeds the boys.

After they went home I crashed for a while. Then the next day we celebrated my husband’s 43rd birthday. We had corned beef and poutine (fries with gravy) and my other daughter made a chocolate cake with chocolate  frosting and cherries, all homemade. It’s so good and moist. I’m still enjoying it today. In the middle of all that her back went out and she could barely walk on Thursday. We had to make some schedule changes and she spent the better part of the last two days here with her son. She needed help to care for him. I’m glad my schedule was clear for her needs.

But now I’m pretty tired and need to refocus for tomorrow and the Our Valley Cooks food expo ! I’m volunteering some time there and going to spend time visiting vendors and handing out business cards. I had some made with my blog information. I hope to meet the representative from the local Italian foods company, Gia Russa and the owner of Just Pizzelles. Just Pizzelles was featured at the Academy Awards show this year. And I use a lot of Gia Russa products in my recipes because I like the quality of their products, they have many imported from Italy and I get a good price on them at a local discount store.

I hope to take lots of pictures and have Phil take some too. First I need to buy some batteries for my crappy camera though. And I hope Phil doesn’t act like Ray Romano as he keeps threatening. See there is this episode of “Everybody Loves Ray” where Debra runs for PTA president. At the meetings, Ray is always caught eating from the buffet at the wrong time, wearing frumpy, messy clothes and shoving food in his pockets. It’s really funny and he embarrasses Debra to no end. Phil promises to not be “my Ray” at these functions but then again, I’m not so sure. I am certain he will behave himself if he knows what’s good for him and his belly. I told him to park himself at the Panera corner and drink coffee if he feels the urge to stuff his pockets with free food.

4 thoughts on “Reflections on my hectic week

  1. I already have some baggy pants with big pockets clean and ready for tomorrow, should I wear a plaid shirt?

  2. Phil, an apron with a nice big pocket will do the trick nicely as an addition. I’m sure Michelle has some nice ones hanging around :)
    Have an awesoem time!

  3. Have an awesome time and make some great connections! What an awesome week you had with your family. Such cutie-pa-tooties! You are sooooo blessed! You must be an awesome mom and grandmom!
    However – I just cannot believe you wrote this entire post without putting the recipe for poutine?!?!

    You need to stop by for my Mama Grizzly’s Fiery Dip Recipe (One you do NOT want to include in a cookbook)! LOL

    • Oh my, a recipe? lol…you will laugh. This is one of those times I had to fudge it and get help from the store. I bought fries from the grocery store but I did make a gravy from scratch with beef broth. The corned beef was cooked in a crock pot. We had a crazy day because my daughter needed help with her son and my hubby was invited out for his birthday that day at lunch time. It became a much busier day than we all had imagined so we just did the best we could.

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