Cooking classes and changes

I’ve been super busy trying to get all my information together for my upcoming cooking classes. This Thursday I’m doing a class for the seniors and they requested pierogis. I’m excited about this group of seniors. They were a lot of fun last time and when I mentioned that I had just made pierogis at home, they asked for me to make them for this next class. So I’m  planning on a potato-onion-cheese filling, deviled eggs, and an apple-cheese tossed salad. Dessert and coffee are also a highlight but since I am doing this class at a cafe’, they have cookies that we can bake there. No work for me on that one.

Through the month of May I have a 4 week series of classes for pre-schoolers. We’ll be covering kitchen basics then themed classes each week. I love working with this age group and so this sounds like a fun series. In the summer, Medina has an event called “Rally in the Alley” and we are going to be offering a 4 hour block of classes for kids as a sort of babysitting service. Again, they will be themed and combine cooking with crafts and games. Those will be for kids 8 and up. Of course there are more seniors classes coming up as well so you can see how this can cause a bit of busy-ness for me.

We recently moved my daughter and her son into a new place. She inherited my broken oven/stove, so until we can find a new one for her, I’ll be helping her with ideas for stove-top and slow-cooker dinners. I’m glad she finally has a place of her own where she can fix whatever meals she wants. I went out and bought her some kitchen pantry staple items and other quick meals to get her going. I think she is settled in for the most part. Maybe she can come here and do some baking and then freeze the meals and reheat later in her microwave. Sounds like a plan to me.

Colomba Easter cakePhoto credit: AcademiaBarilla

Easter is coming and now I need to focus on my recipes and menu ideas for the big meal. I might have my daughter help me with a cake, the Colomba Easter cake. It’s a multi-step process and she is a good baker so I am counting on her help. So what are your Easter plans?

5 thoughts on “Cooking classes and changes

  1. My plans for Easter involve coming to your house! I miss our Italian Easter dinners! Please put broccoli on the menu!!!!

  2. Wow cooking classes, Michelle I’m impressed. How did you come to hold cooking classes for seniors? Anyway it sounds like a lot of fun. The kids cooking don’t know if I have the nerves for that.

    • Well the event planner for the cafe’ had the idea and when I interviewed for the job, cooking classes for ???, she thought I’d be perfect for this group. Really, it’s more of a demo. They get a lunch cooked right in front of them. I do a lot of interaction such as taste testing, helping with stirring, easy things. Many of the folks are pretty elderly but love getting out and being social. I love this group.

      Well the kids, they are/will be another story. I also love that age group. Heck most of both are in diapers! lol….anyway, they are also fun to teach since I don’t have my own little ones to deal with daily. It’s like having a bunch more grandchildren. I teach them then send them home to mom and dad.

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