I was a Barista Beans contest winner!

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Last month I entered a contest that was held at Foodie Blogroll by Barista Beans, a fresh-roasted organic coffee bean company. I entered the contest by simply leaving a comment. You don’t even need to have a blog to enter the contests at Foodie Blogroll, just be a member. It’s free. So if you want to get in on some cool contests, go join up now! Tell them I sent you.

Onto my bean review. I am a coffee lover. My husband and my son are both coffee lovers and drinkers. Years ago I used to put oodles of sugar and cream in my coffee but now I drink it black. I was dealing with some lactose issues so I gave up the “fixings” and went with the fully leaded straight stuff. It only took a little while to get used to the flavor change. I had just recently purchased some coffee beans from Dean’s Beans through our church. We order for the Just Love cafe’ I have mentioned baking for in the past. That same week I won the contest. In the end I had 5 pounds of organic fair trade coffee beans in my house. It was a bean explosion!

Here is what Barista Beans sent me.

coffee, barista beans, roasted coffeeIn those bags are the following:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (light roast)

Guatemalan Chajul (medium roast)

Costa Rican Amistad (dark roast)

I forget what was in the little sample bag but it was just OK. I have tossed the empty bag in the trash at this point. First I want to say that I am grateful for getting all this free coffee. Second, most contests offer only 1 pound of their product but this was a generous 3 pounds plus prize.  I think we liked the Costa Rican Amistad the very best. While it says “dark roast” I can honestly say it’s not as bitter as other dark roasts can be. I think Phil expected a stronger flavor but we did enjoy it.

The flavor of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe was almost indistinguishable from any other store-bought coffee. It had almost no flavor, kind of like Folgers and Maxwell House.  The Guatemalan Chajul was decent but again the flavor did not pack a punch. Each bag listed the “hints of ” flavors on them but I couldn’t pick out the chocolate or fruity flavors.

It might be we are picky. It could be we are really into strong coffee. While there was no bitterness in any coffee, they were all smooth tasting, just not the strength we hoped for. Would I buy this coffee? Maybe, but only their dark roasts and not their medium or light roasts. I think if you like a mild and smooth coffee and want to support a fair-trade organic earth-friendly coffee company, buy from Barista Beans. If you want a stronger coffee, let me know and I’ll send you information on another equally good company.

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