Polish Pottery from Peacock Pottery Giveaway

Photo credit: Peacock Pottery

I can’t tell you have excited I am for this giveaway. Leah, the generous owner of Peacock Pottery contacted my a few months back and asked if I wanted to host a giveaway featuring Polish pottery and she would supply the pottery from Peacock Pottery. I jumped at the chance to own some of this lovely hand-made pottery. I knew I was getting two pieces, one to keep and one to giveaway. I also have 2 tote bags with the Peacock Pottery logo to giveaway so there will be three winners in this contest.

Last night I went to a ladies fellowship and I took my appetizers in my piece. See how pretty?

Peacock pottery, Polish PotteryThis is a pie plate in the Emerald Isle pattern. You can win a pie plate in the Old Poland pattern.

The rules are very simple. But you will have a little bit of work to do.

Mandatory entry# 1. Go to Peacock Pottery’s online shop and look around. Come back here and leave a comment telling me your favorite pattern or piece.

Entry# 2. Subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed. Leave a separate comment telling me you already do or signed up.

Entry# 3. Go to my Facebook page and “Like” me there. Leave another comment telling me you already “Like” my page or that you do now.

Entry#4. Follow me on Twitter and let me know about that as well. If you tweet about the contest, leave an additional comment.

Contest will run from April 14th until Good Friday, April 22nd. I will use Random.org to draw a number and post the winner’s name here on Saturday, April 23rd for the pottery piece. I will also pick two more numbers for the tote bags. All winners will be notified via email so please leave an email or blog link for me to contact you. You will have 48 hours to respond to the email with your address.

78 thoughts on “Polish Pottery from Peacock Pottery Giveaway

  1. It’s all so beautiful, it’s hard to choose a favorite. I love the generous use of blue! I think my favorites are the Christmas balls. Those would be so unique on the tree!

  2. Emerald Isle Pie plate would be my favorite piece. However I do like the oval baking dishes. Those are something I would regularly.

  3. So many to choose from!! My favorite pattern is the Emerald Isle, to be sure. But I happened upon the Clearance page and saw the cutest scalloped butter dish in the Floral Peacock pattern. Hmmm….it sure would look cute on my dinner table!!

  4. I’ve “liked” you on Facebook forEVER! In fact, that’s how I was alerted to this giveaway this morning!

  5. Hard to choose a favorite! I guess mine would be one of the Christmas ornaments because I collect those. But, out of the food related items, my favorite is the oblong dip set. I love the colors, and it’s a fun piece to take to parties! :o)

  6. I adore Leah and Peacock Pottery. I own several pieces from her store and buy something from Leah for my folks – every Christmas.

    I love my Bubble mugs, napkin rings and I really like her Platters, also. Everything is lovely, though. It’s all beautiful!

  7. I like the sugar & creamer set (490A) its on sale. The reason I’m drawn to it is because the sugar lid has a slot/notch for a spoon.

  8. I follow you on Twitter – but more on FB – I don’t quite have enough time for Twitter.

  9. I LOVE to give my relatives and friends bubble mugs; they are so pretty and perfect for tha early morning coffee. Getting to buy them from such an awesome woman as Leah is just an additional bonus. :-)

  10. I adore the utensil crock. I’m saving up for it. I’m slowly adding to my collection and want a variety of patterns!

  11. Signed up for e-mail! Phew, but Polish pottery is worth all the entries. I just bought a soap pump from her and love it and the super fast service!

  12. Never heard of the Peacock Pottery until you posted your contest. Beautiful pottery and my faves are of course the pie plate you talked about but the mugs. Each one has it’s own personality and I am a continuous coffe drinker of many kinds of coffees.

    I am a facebook follower of you and an Italian Mama Chef follower on Fbook and via email.

    The tweet thing is new to me and I am going to check out what that is all about. Want me to tell you when I become a “tweeter” ? Will that suffice for the contest???

    Keep up the great blog!

    • In addition, I clicked “like” on Peacock Pottery on Fbook.

      And.. I spelled coffee wrong on my last post, and seeing as it is way past my bedtime.. and I am exhausted, it is lending to my mispellings and improper sentencing!!! Just click “overlooked” if you noticed!!

      So what I was saying is that the pie plate is beautiful and reminds me of my mother who used to make pies all the time and would let us eat pie for breakfast when we were growing up.

      The mugs by Peacock Pottery are my second faves!

  13. I found out about you from following Polish Pottery (Leah) on Twitter. I’m torn. I love Teapot 560, have always loved the Lemon Ladies, and UNIKAT Oval Bowl 22A
    would look lovely on my blog holding some of my Polish cuisine creations. But so would Pie Plate – Fluted – 937. I’m actually planning on getting some Polish Pottery for my blog soon (my old pieces broke during our interstate move, packed by the mover but the insurance is being difficult). I just don’t know which I like most out of those.

  14. Wonderful giveaway! Peacock Pottery is a favorite of mine. I love the Bubble Mugs AND the teapots! :-) Thanks for the chance!

  15. I loved the Christmas ornaments and the teapots, my grandmother used to collect teapots..

  16. I love the butter dish, patttern #937 and the Christmas ornaments. They are so unique and I love everything Christmas.

  17. I love the large cake pan (# 954). It is so beautiful and would have so many uses. My mom was 100% Polish and loved the pottery but sadly never owned any.

  18. I can’t find the name of the pattern but I like the large bistro mug- 835 and teapot 1239

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