My 2011 Easter Menu

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that when you make food that people love, they will request it over and over again. If you include those foods for special holidays or events, it becomes tradition and no one should ever mess with tradition. I know this menu might be a repeat but it’s because my family likes it and expects it now. In the past few weeks I’ve had some conversations with my daughter and sister about foods. We all agreed that each person tends to have his/her signature dish. Mine has become braciole, the rolled stuffed-steak my Italian grandparents and father made for years at Christmas and Easter. With the braciole comes the sauce and meatballs. Now I am getting into the ravioli and breads so I am going to just guess that those will all be part of my signature family dishes.

My sister’s dish is her hummus. It’s delicious and we all enjoy it any time we go to visit her. For a long time I would make hummus when she came to visit, along with the rest of my extended family, because I knew they all enjoyed hummus. I had no idea I was committing a social food faux pas. I guess it’s not good to try to make what someone in your family makes at those kinds of gatherings. I always did it with the best of intentions since my sister is a vegetarian and I always wanted something here she would eat. We have worked out the situation now and I won’t make hummus when they visit and she won’t make braciole for me, although I wouldn’t mind because it’s a bit of work and it’s be nice for someone to do that for me. But I’m not complaining. It’s really OK. My older brother makes great smoked BBQ ribs. I’m not sure what my younger brother’s specialty is, maybe he’ll read this and leave a comment. Both of my girls can bake very well and my older daughter is doing great developing meals that her husband and children love. My younger daughter is just now in her own place and has the freedom to begin experimenting in the kitchen anytime she wants. On to my menu!

Anti-pasti platter

Olives-a must!, Italian salami and Mortadella, Provolone, fresh Mozzarella pearls, marinated artichoke hearts, assorted cut vegetables.

Primo- Ravioli with ricotta and sausage fillings with marinara sauce

Secondi- Braciole, meatballs, and Parmesan crusted green beans.

Dessert- Ricotta pie, cake and Easter candy

We will take our traditional family Easter walk before dessert because we need to digest some of this wonderful food. I can remember those walks as a child when we would eat at my grandparents’ home for our Sunday dinners. My dad would take any who wanted to go up to Grandview Ave. in Pittsburgh and we’d walk up and down a certain strip, stopping at the overlooks (we called them mushrooms) to look down at downtown Pittsburgh and the three rivers. Gone now is the Three Rivers stadium and the skyline has new buildings but the last time I was in town and visited Grandview Ave. the views were about the same and the memories came flooding back. We don’t take any sort of excellent scenic walk here but we do try to visit the local park/lake and walk on the path. It’s a nice walk and makes for good memories.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful holiday plan filled with traditions! My family make the ricotta pie too but a savory variety with pepperoni or sometimes ham.

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