Memories of Easters past…

This picture was taken on Easter 1969. I know this because my little brother was not born yet and I am about 2 1/2, and on the far right. My older sister and brother are with me, don’t we look cute? I love the little corsage my sister and I were wearing. I don’t remember too many Easter holidays from my childhood but a few do stand out. I can remember searching for colored eggs one year and finding the last one hidden in a bush next to the fireplace outside of the house.

Here we are again, this time with my dad and little brother in the picture. I’m guessing it was sometime in the 1970’s but I can’t remember the exact year. I know my mom made that cape I am wearing! Oh wait, I think it was around 3rd grade since I am wearing glasses and they are the same ones from my 3rd grade class picture. I don’t really remember much more about this Easter than having this picture taken.

A few years later there was the whole chicken pox thing that happened during Easter. My cousin had chicken pox and none of us in my family had been exposed to them yet. For whatever reason my parents didn’t want us to catch them so my cousin could not come into my grandma’s house for Easter dinner. Poor kid had to sit outside and eat his meal with his older sister, in their old VW van. I can remember standing across the street talking with him and wondering why he couldn’t come out of the van and play like we always did. I really wish we had been exposed and got the chicken pox then because when I finally had them, I was 19 and a mom to two girls. We all got them together and it was really rough.

Then there was the Easter that my father hosted my grandparents and he burnt the sauce, with mushrooms in it, and it all tasted like ashes. Ick. I am sure he did not feel good about that one.

This year since ravioli is on our Easter menu I decided to make it a family affair. Last night I rounded up the guys and all of us got into making the ravioli. One son cooked the sausage while another has become the expert ravioli maker. Phil and I handled the dough making and rolling out process. Jake really has the gift of making each of his ravioli a uniform size while mine were all different shapes and sizes. He can even smooth out the air pockets that seem to plague mine. Good thing I have him around.

Now that I am a grandma I’m trying to build memories and traditions for my family. So far I’m pretty sure I am on the right path. When my daughter told her kids they were going to grandma’s for Easter, her son asked if grandma would have a tea party for them. Yep, my grandson asked about the tea party, not my granddaughter. I guess I make it fun for all of them. This time all 5 grandkids will be here for the tea party. It’s really going to serve as lunch but they don’t have to know that. And with our tea-pot and mugs/cups they will think it’s nothing more than a tea party with food.I can’t wait for Sunday, for many reasons but mainly it’s another chance to make a memory with my family.

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  1. ah, chicken pox stories. I think every family has one or two. See what our kids are missing by getting the shot instead? ;)

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