Working and tired…

That is how I am going to describe my life right now. I took on a part-time job at the coffee shop/cafe’ where I teach cooking classes and I work the closing hours. I usually start at 4PM and work until 9:00 PM or later. So I don’t cook dinner on those nights. And I am really tired when I get home.

So basically that means no cooking-no blogging, at least I don’t think I have anything interesting to blog about. I’m too tired right now to even write something about Easter. Let me just say that while the rest of the US ate ham, we ate Italian food and enjoyed every minute of it. The grandchildren were all excited to be here and I loved spending time with them. We had an egg hunt and a tea party. Then after all the main food, we sang an early “happy birthday” to the twins since we’ll be celebrating Jake’s 16th birthday here when my daughter has a party at her house for the babies.

I also haven’t been to the post office to mail out my boxes from the giveaway so please be patient with me. I’ll get them to you, my lucky winners!  have a great weekend all.

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