I’m not sure why I gave this entry the title I did but it’s where my mind is today. I’m finally sitting to blog about our Easter and my job. In a way, reflections is appropriate as no one wants to read the novel of my life but just see a few brief glimpses.

Warning: this post contains a bunch of pictures.

These are plates of food that began our meal. Since my grandchildren requested a “tea party” we used the time for eating appetizers as our tea party time. The kids loved it! My 2 year old grandson loved the salami, maybe because it was infused with Chianti? I think we forgot about that small detail when feeding the kids. I think they enjoyed the food, don’t you?

My table and life was full that day as you can see. Missing from the shot are my sons and husband as well as the twins, who were sleeping.

After the twins woke from their nap, we fed them and then celebrated their birthday, a little early, but we wanted a chance to do that with them since our May is very busy.

They dug into their cupcakes and made a huge mess.

My dog made himself useful by hovering under the table near the twins. He ate up every single crumb that fell on the floor. He missed the crumbs that fell on his back.

The whole day was fun and the food was delicious. The braciole turned out great and the meatballs were perfect but I am going to be honest and say that my sauce was not too tasty this time around. It needed more seasoning and tomato paste. But by Tuesday the flavors improved so maybe it wasn’t all that bad in the end. We loved the sausage ravioli but the cheese ravioli did not taste very good, we aren’t sure why. The ricotta pies I made with my friend, Natalie, were very tasty and devoured quickly.

As for my job, I am enjoying learning how to make the various coffee shop drinks and sandwiches. Much of what I do is centered on closing the store for the day so it’s not all that interesting to say I do a lot of cleaning. But it feels good to be of service outside of my home. This week I have 3 classes scheduled-one for preschoolers, one for the seniors and one for kids making a Mother’s Day brunch. I’ll be posting menus and recipes for all of those later in the week.

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  1. Wow! Everything sounds & looks wonderful! What a blessed lady you are! Thank you for sharing about the tasty & not-so-tasty, too. It reminds me that it’s okay if a dish doesn’t always come out perfect.

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