Happy Birthday to my first born son.

Today is a double celebration for my family. We not only celebrate Mother’s Day but we also have a special birthday. Jake turned 16 today. I can’t believe it, where does the time go? As has been my tradition over the last few months, this post is mostly pictures  so it’s ok if you don’t stick around. There aren’t any recipes either.

Here I am in 1995 the day before Jake was born. Gosh, I look young!

Here is Jake about 2 weeks old with my dad, who is gone now, and my nephew.

Then came the time to fill Dad’s boots. Jake is about 8 months here. I love this picture and I love how my hubby looks too.

When Jake was 7 months old, I found out I was pregnant with my youngest son. Here are all four of my children in August 1996.

Since the boys were close in age, many times I was asked if they were twins. I guess maybe they did look like it back then. Not now.

Life moves along and before you know it, your son looks more like his dad and grandpa every day.

The boy turns into an adolescent that is itching to grow but loves being with his family.

Life moves on and one day the boy becomes an uncle and he becomes a new person because a few little people change his life forever. Jake is holding Asher.

Then he starts changing into one big eating machine who requests foods like pizza, spaghetti, lasagna and all the cheese and bread I can buy.

Along came the twins last year and Jake found himself sharing his birthday time with two special little guys. Of course the twins were born on the 10th but nonetheless Jake knows it’s a special time. He shares a middle name with David.

And now one year later, we still have a bit of attitude and a whole lotta handsome.

Happy birthday to my first born son. I love you and you are special to me.

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