Happy Birthday to the Twins!

David and Daniel turn one year old today!!! The most recent report is that both boys are walking.  Daniel has been for a while and David finally took his own first steps alone yesterday. Here is their first year in pictures. Enjoy!

Hours after birth with me, the proud grandma.

One month old.

At two months and it seems Daniel always ended up in my right arm so after a while we posed the pictures that way.

I miss the way the boys held their fists so tight but love that they are getting to be snugglers.

When the routine of four children was established, Brit and family paid us a visit. I enjoyed all of the kids together in my house.

We missed a few visits but then we made up for it at Christmas time.

I love watching them change through the year.

Here is one of those amazing pictures of my daughter feeding her babies.

Being a mommy to twins makes a girl tired.

I’m excited to celebrate with the boys their first birthday this weekend. Our schedule changed so we are going to their party.  Happy birthday David and Daniel!!!!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Twins!

  1. Michelle ~ how awesome you get to go to the party after all!! Such handsome boys, how they grow up so fast is beyong me! I know y’all will have a fantabulous time :)

  2. Twins! So adorable! You won’t be able to hold them both in your arms at the same time much longer! LOL – unless you’re going to be like the mythical figure who lifted a baby calf up above his head every day and as it grew, so did his strength until the calf was grown and he was strong enough to lift the cow over his head! I think that sounds like way to much work! LOL Happy Birthday to them!

  3. Ciao! Hope you are doing well. I have been very busy too & wasn’t on my blog for awhile either, but i recently got back on. Buon Compleanno to the twins! Soo cute & hope they had a blessed day!

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