Where I’ve been and what I’m doing

It’s been too long since I blogged. I know because my email is down and so is the spam. I guess I haven’t been all that inspired to write much less cook a lot of fantastic or new recipes. I’m ok with this fact. I am working 2 part-time jobs and my son just started working as well. We are trying to wrap up our school year, which has been hectic.

This week I have to prepare some informational handouts for a class I’ll be teaching on healthy eating and cooking to children and then their parents. My son will be helping me which just adds to the dynamic of the class. I’m excited about the chance to show others how they can eat healthy just by making more homemade food than by using pre-packaged food.

Another thing on my plate is that I am considering being on the planning committee for the next food expo for Our Valley Cooks. I am going to send off an email to ask what the committment would mean and how it would look. I don’t want to get too busy because I can’t give my best to anything.

I have yet to plant a garden because it just won’t quit raining in Ohio! But my husband assures me I can still get in some tomato plants and herbs if nothing else. I sure hope so because we really enjoyed eating our own produce last year.

Once I get past this springtime sinus cold, I’ll be back to cooking and blogging.

4 thoughts on “Where I’ve been and what I’m doing

  1. i just participated in an #askthecoach chat with Bruno Logreco and a great gal from Toronto in the Fitness industry all about kids and healthy habits and body image. It is a real issue in our country today. Glad you are out there doing great things.
    miss your tweets!
    nothing like homegrown tomatoes…may have to ship you some Jerseys!!

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