Food allergies and how they pertain to my life

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It seems I have a possible food allergy. For the last few years I’ve dealt with a lactose-intolerance that comes and goes. But since last Saturday I have been having some really nasty side affects after I’ve eaten anything with wheat in it. From pasta to bread to pancakes, it’s all caused me questionable symptoms that have no other possible explanation. I finally went to visit my doctor yesterday because I was so tired of dealing with the symptoms. He seemed the feel that the bronchitis I had last month was not fully gone due to my hacking when trying to take those deep breaths. Then he said a steroid will help that at this point and also the runny nose/post nasal drip thing that is making me sick.

What I decided to do in addition to taking the short course of the steroids is to also eliminate wheat and dairy from my diet. Before I made that choice, I had a sandwich for lunch with just ham and lettuce and tahini spread. Within 15 minutes my gums and mouth were so itchy and I felt as if the inside of my mouth was swelling. Benedryl to the rescue! That is when I thought it was the wheat or gluten because I left off the cheese I would normally slap on that sandwich.

I’m sunk. My heart aches if I have to give up my favorite foods. What a cruel trick to be played on me. An Italian girl who can’t eat pasta, bread or cheese. Yes, you should feel sorry for me. Yes, I could finally lose some weight. I could even go vegan and make it a radical change. Nahhhh….but I’m going to have a tough two weeks ahead of me. At least my wonderful husband is going to support me and skip the same foods I do. The boys know it’s going to be slim pickings for snacks so they will have to adjust and eat more fruit and veggies. Actually that is a great plan now that I think of it.

I am not sure how this is going to affect my blogging because I won’t be making pasta dishes or anything with flour or breading. I did go and buy some fruit today. I got grapes and cantaloupe to enjoy.

I did learn in my research that I can have a lot of Mexican food because there is mostly corn flour being used there. I just have to leave off the cheese and sour cream but that is not too difficult. Maybe I will discover some really good and delicious new foods. One can only hope.

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  1. A low carb diet has its charm. Instead of regular pasta, someone suggested I try spaghetti squash. I can’t wait to try it. Maybe you could try it for me? And then tell me how to do it! LOL For example, a hot brown is still delicious without the bread! As a matter of fact, the best part is still there. I KNOW you can think out of the pasta box! I BELIEVE!

  2. you will discover many things to love & end up being a blessing to many through your blog because of it! The Lord has a great plan for you!
    Have you discovered quinoa yet? It is a grain that we often prepare as we would rice, but there is a company that uses it to make pasta as well & it is pretty good. You can also grind it into (or buy it as) flour.
    check out the magazine Living Without. They cover many food allergies (especially wheat & dairy) & have great recipies. Visit their web site & sign up for the free newsletter. One a few weeks ago was about not missing out on italian!
    We’re right there with you! Blessings!

  3. Ouch! That hurts in more ways than one!
    I know rice pasta excists – but of course it’s not the same.
    I am so sorry Michelle!
    But I agree with the other ladies: You are very creative and you’ve taken on so many challenges, you are able to overcome this one too and maybe even find a way to make gluten/dairy free italian dishes! Now thát would be unique and original!
    Don’t give up honey, it takes time to adjust if it’s true. Take your time, but know there are still endless possibilities waiting for you for your creative mind to set its teeth in, figuritively and litereally.
    Take care (((Michelle)))

  4. I too am an Italian girl. Grew up with one of the world’s greatest Italian cooks; my mother who was born and raised in Italy, and learned to cook from the early age of 8. (God rest her sole she passed away a few years back). Well, what she left behind were some incredible recipes (family secrets) that I cherish. Now, I too have had to give up gluten and dairy. It’s a long story, but basically I have an autistic son who benefits from a gluten/casein (dairy) free diet. I learned by accident that I have a sensitivity to gluten. I already had been lactose intolerant. Anyway, I found your blog before starting the gf/cf diet, and gladly joined. I feel connected to my Italian side by following your blog. Then when I learned I had to give up gluten and dairy I thought I should just stop following, but something told me to hang on a little longer. Now here you are saying you’re having to go gluten and dairy free as well. Who knows? Maybe we can learn from each other? I recently bought a gluten free Italian cookbook on, which I have not tried yet, but as I go through it I’ll let you know if there are any good recipes. I too am starting this journey, and would like to adapt my favorite Italian dishes. I know it’ll be challenging, but I believe it’s possible! What do you say? :)

    • Wow, that is great that you did that for your son. I know of a few families who have found the same results for their children as well.
      What is the title of the book? I would be interested in looking at it. I am sure we can learn together. It’s good to know there are others like me who feel the pains of gf/df diets.

      • The book is entitled, “The Gluten-Free Italian Cookbook,” by Mary Capone. I think the challenge is her book is not dairy free. Though it seems that greater results will come from only having to substitute one ingredient rather than two. So perhaps, substituting dairy in the cookbook would give way to some good recipes, or at least that is my hope. We’ll see. Here’s a link to the book on for your review: :)

  5. Ciao! Sorry to hear you have food allergies. I don’t know information about gluten free products in particular, but there is a gluten free section in the market. Is there a Shoprite supermarket where you live? I went to a Shoprite near me & there is a gluten free section in one of the aisles. I’m not sure about other supermarkets though,

    Hopefully you will find new foods & use those to substitute the foods that you are allergic to. I wish you the best with this, even though it must be hard, it will be okay. :)

    Thanks for adding me to your blog list, I added you as well.;)

  6. Girl, I am with you! we have a gluten allergy in this house and I went crazy researching and re-creating recipes…found some EXCELLENT corn-based pasta from Italy (after trying so many others) and we are back to Sunday dinners. Don’t worry its not that bad. I stopped craving Italian bread after 6months( and believe me tomato sandwiches on gluten free bread just aint the same) it is do-able. And to boot, things like headaches and pms symptoms disappeared!!! This Italian Jersey girl will walk through it with you, if I can do it ANY food loving Italian with a bit of polish and greek girl can do it! LOVE YA!

    • I am so weak. I caved into the gluten/wheat and ate some. No real ill affects. I’m limiting dairy to only using it in baking/cooking, no cheese on anything for me as that seems to cause me issues mostly. I’ve lived without it before so I can do it again.
      But in the interest of others going gluten-free, I am going to try some of the other “pastas” out there and compare the tastes and textures. We are also going to limit the amounts and portions of pasta, wheat products and other processed foods. I know it will make a difference. I have never been one to agree to extremes in diets so I think total elimination, unless it’s a dealthy allergy, it not in balance.
      I guess what I’m saying is each person/family needs to choose for themselves what is right for them.

  7. The reaction that you had is peculiar especially when considering a gluten allergy, which from what I know tends to affect digestion. Are you sure it wasn’t the tahini?

    My sister and I are allergic to many friends and veggies, and our reaction is exactly what you described. You should also rule out a latex allergy which has a very similar reaction in the mouth.

    Just some thoughts! I know that nausea tends to be a symptom of a gluten allergy but the itching is so similar to mine that it makes me wonder if that’s not it. And then of course if we eat too much of whatever causes the itching, it’s usually followed by a wicked bad stomachache!


    • LOL I meant to say that my sister and I are allergic to many “fruits” and veggies, not “friends.” LOL

  8. Bummer Michelle to read this. Yes an every news I KNOW in my heart there is something positive to come out of this. My husband buys us Kamut pasta. It tastes good. I’m HUGE on salads. I’m no one to give advice in the kitchen but I do hope your health is good.



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