Quinoa! Who knew?

I had no idea quinoa was such a great food. It’s a grain, full of protein, vitamins and minerals essential for our bodies. It’s also tasty and easy to prepare. It’s versatile according to the variety of recipes I’ve found online. Tonight I made quinoa, just plain with nothing but water and salt. It really has flavor all alone but when I added the stewed tomatoes from the country ribs I braised in tomatoes, the flavor was kicked up a notch. My oldest son devoured the stuff!

I am ready to try making more recipes with quinoa and using it in place of the more processed wheat pastas I am used to making and serving. I have a class coming up in October for gluten/dairy free cooking and I will be making quinoa so folks can get a chance to try this fabulous little grain. It comes in several varieties but I bought the plain one from my local health food store’s bulk item section.  I did notice it also came in a red variety and instant in a box but why buy instant? Isn’t 20 minutes short enough?

I’m getting a new camera in the next two weeks so I’ll be back in full swing as far as blogging with pictures goes. I have been so frustrated without a camera to take pictures of the various foods I’ve been trying out the last few months. I’ve done rather well with avoiding trigger foods but I sometimes get lax and have something I shouldn’t and then I suffer from that bad choice. But I am learning!

I am including my rib recipe since it was so delicious.

Braised Country Ribs

2-3 pounds boneless or bone-in country ribs

1 large can (28 oz) can of whole, peeled plum tomatoes

2 Tbsp fresh basil, chopped

1 Tbsp fresh oregano, chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

salt and pepper

Olive oil


Heat oil in a frying pan over med-high heat.Carefully add a few ribs to the pan and brown them on all sides. Don’t over-crowd the pan that way each gets browned properly. Drain on paper-towel lined plate. Using 2 knives, cut up or hand-crush the tomatoes. Add the ribs to a large baking dish or dutch oven. Sprinkle herbs, garlic, salt and pepper over the top. Add tomatoes making sure you spread the bigger chunks around. Add 1/2 cup or more of water. Cover tightly with foil or lid and put into a warm oven for 3 hours. I had mine set on 250 degrees for the first 2 hours then bumped it up to 275 for the last hour. The meat was falling off the bones and super tender.

I served the ribs with the quinoa and fresh, steamed green beans.

8 thoughts on “Quinoa! Who knew?

  1. I bet it would be good with summer stewed vegetables like zucchini and squash as well as tomatoes. My mom often puts those 3 together so it would be interesting to add the quinoa.

  2. your dinner sounds yummy. We like to use quinoa in tabouli. I am glad you will have a camera again, things like quinoa look good, too ~ I think it’s cute how it curls around. :)

  3. Thanks for getting me on to another good food! Now the hunt is on – hope to find it here. Do you know which culture is stems from? Ah, internet, here I come!

    • Ok, it’s South American – wonder where I can find that in my neighbourhood…..One of the cultures we are missing here :(

  4. I love quinoa, but only when I mix it with fresh vegetables, lemon, olive oil and some salt and pepper. Sometimes I add tuna or eat it as a side dish. Thanks for the recipe, sounds delicious.

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