It’s no secret around here that Fall or Autumn is my favorite season followed by Spring.  I love the leaves changing colors and the crisp, cool air. I simply adore the smell of wood-smoke fires burning in backyards or in my neighbors’ fireplaces. Looking into the sky on a clear night shows me the beautiful twinkling stars and the Harvest moon.

moonMy oldest son took this beautiful picture a few weeks back.

When we go on walks in the fall, the carpet on the Earth is made up of new textures which make for great sounds when you take each step, crunching the leaves or acorns.

Fall also means wonderful harvests of colorful fruits and vegetables that one can use to decorate their home with or make wonderful foods from apple pie to baked squash. Pumpkins are carved for decorations and some are used for tasty pumpkin pie.


My son was inspired by an idea in Living magazine and decorated this pumpkin for our front porch. It’s a small pumpkin.

Fall always inspires me to try new foods and recipes. This weekend I would love to make some pumpkin ravioli even if I can only eat a few. If I do make them, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Happy Autumn to you and yours!


The first picture includes a craft idea I found at a blog I just discovered. Please drop by Between a rock & a Hobby and check out her cute craft ideas.

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