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Another dear friend of mine has passed away. This time my friend died from a tragic accident as opposed to a sickness, it’s still sad either way. The loss is still great. The sadness is here. My friend Irene welcomed me into her heart and life back in 1994 when we moved to Ohio and began attending a new church. She was my first real friend here. I could trust her with anything. She was often my kids’ babysitter and we would watch hers as well. She was a second mom to my kids, especially my girls.

Tomorrow is the wake and funeral. Tomorrow is when I teach my first authentic Italian cooking class. I am determined to do both and remain intact. I need the strength from the Lord that only He can give me at a time like this. I know Irene would have wanted me to carry on with my class and fulfill my dreams. She was a dreamer and lived to fulfill her own.

Irene was always changing her hairstyle, hair color and make-up. I never knew what to expect when she told me over the phone she had cut her hair or changed the color. I’ll say one thing, she was always pretty. Rarely did I see her without make-up or her hair fixed.

She was a devoted wife and mother and loved her family. She was there for her extended family and went through the death of her own mother recently. She was struggling with her mother’s death and I am sad that I did not call her and reach out to be a comfort to her. I know I could have been a better friend. I am determined to be there for her husband and daughters in the days, weeks and months following tomorrow’s sad day. I will not let my friends down again.

I rejoice in the fact that Irene is now in heaven dancing with Jesus and worshipping at His feet. Maybe she has now met my friend Mary Jane and they are chatting it up all about me! What stories they could share with each other. Irene took with her secrets of mine only she knew, other than my husband. I loved her and I will miss her.

6 thoughts on “Loss….again…

  1. Oh Michelle, I am so sorry for your loss. What a dear friend Irene was, and I am sure she counted you as one dear to her heart. Our family just lost a dear friend today in a sudden accident. While in the midst of the euphoric joy of our granddaughter’s birth, this heartbreaking news serves to remind us of how fragile life is and how we should never take it for granted. You will be in my prayers over the days to come as you continue to comfort and serve Irene’s family. ~Kim

  2. Hi Michelle
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I too have experienced many losses… Good for them, very bad for us. It’s especially tough when the person’s life was suddenly cut short!

    This is a beautiful way to honor your friend. I totally relate to and agree with rejoicing about heaven! Blessings to you and my condolences to your friend’s family.

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