Coming to terms with my food snobbery…

It seems I’ve been put in my place by none other than my very own daughter. And on my 45th birthday of all days! Ha! That’ll teach me to let my husband plan my special day. Hehe…all kidding aside I am delighted to tell you about the wonderful birthday I had and how I had to come face to face with my own food snobbery.

I have admitted in the past right here on my blog how I have become a food snob in that I will not use “cream of (fill in the blank) soup” recipes or jarred sauces when I can make my own. Well for my birthday yesterday, my husband arranged for my one of my daughters to cook dinner for us and bring it over. Guess what she made? Just look at this picture:

Lasagna! Not only did she make lasagna but she also made this wonderful tossed salad. I baked some Rosemary peasant bread yesterday because I was going to enjoy myself for one day.  And the look on my grandson’s face is priceless. He was anxiously awaiting his piece of “asagna”. I am proud to say my daughter did a great job on making and baking the lasagna. It was so good I was sure she made the sauce from scratch so I asked her. Her response threw me for a loop, and a huge one at that. She used a jarred sauce from Aldi! I could not believe it. That is the one product I hear people claim is so good from there and I have refused to buy and use at home. Turns out it’s pretty good in a lasagna. I wonder how it will taste with my brown rice pasta?

I did buy a jar of this sauce for a class and ended up not using it because I was sick and didn’t teach it, this was in October. It’s been sitting in my pantry since then and I figured one day my boys might get desperate enough to make it for themselves. Well it might be me instead of the kids.

My family blessed me with lots of great gifts. I was given cookware, a padded floor mat, a new drinking cup, new slippers, a gift card to buy myself clothes and a dolly to carry the crate I tote all my supplies to my cooking classes in. That crate gets heavy with two pasta machines and a few pots plus food.

Here is one more very cool picture my son took. If you look closely, you’ll see the reflection of our table and meal in the balloon.


6 thoughts on “Coming to terms with my food snobbery…

  1. I am anxiously awaiting my piece of lasagna also! Lets go! Cut into it and give me a plate.

  2. Hahaha! That’s funny! So now you know you can slip it in when you are stretched for time :-)
    And yes, Aldi has some really good food stuff over here. They are also very good with their fresh produce, even though or probably because of the small selection that is offered. If I had one close by, that is where I would do quite some shopping :-)
    Glad you had a good day and enjoyed yourself!!

  3. I want to know what YOUR version of lasngaa is like! I keep trying new recipes I feel like they’ve all been good so far, but I’m still looking for the magical concoction that will knock it out of the park.

    • I think the secret to good lasagna is using fresh sauce, meat added if you like, and plenty of it to keep it moist. I use mozzarella and Parmesan on top of the ricotta cheese layer. I use ricotta cheese, never cottage cheese, an egg, fresh garlic and parsley and some salt and pepper. Layer sauce cooked noodles, ricotta, sauce, shredded mozzarella and grated Parmesan, then begin with noodles again. I end with a noodle, sauce and shredded cheese. Cover and bake an hour then lest rest 10 minutes.

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