It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to

Yeah, it’s a whiny post so if you don’t want to read, leave or delete now. Disclaimer out-of-the-way, what this is really about is longing. This time of year always brings about a longing in me I can’t or haven’t fulfilled in my life. Personally I think a trip to Italy would help. I also think if I had family here, to cook with me for the holidays I would not feel so empty.

Maybe it’s the desire for what isn’t really achievable-a normal family full of extended relatives living nearby where we all get along and have wonderful holidays together. No one has that do they? I didn’t think so. We all have some issues, some are more serious than others. Some can be overcome, some can’t.

My daughters are the mommys to a bunch of little ones that I adore but it doesn’t make for fun in the kitchen just yet. They are still underfoot. My sons are just enough interested to cook with me but not enough to go all out. What I really want is my brothers and sister to be with me so we can cook and visit. I have no idea how that could be achieved but if it could, I would do it in a heartbeat.

As I sit and try to come up with our Christmas eve and Christmas day menus I realize how lonely for my extended family I am. I might have to just pick up the phone and find out if they can help me out.

I guess I’ll try not to cry but I can’t promise anything. I am going to the Italian market this week with my boys. At least we can do that together and have fun. It’s the prosciutto that appeals to them.

As I write this I realize that two things have happened since I last blogged that are worth noting. I celebrated 2 years of blogging on December 9th and I found out I will once again be a grandma. My oldest is due with baby #5 next August. She is a wonderful mother and will truly have her hands full- of love and babies.

I promise as soon as I figure out my menu it will be shared with all. Next week will be busy as I have 5 cookie classes to teach to kids at the cafe’. I had better get planning and shopping this week or I’ll be crazy. Until then, shop, wrap and repeat.

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