Streamlining my life

and other changes. It’s been too long since I’ve really written a blog post. I’ve composed many in my head and then when I sit down to type out the entry, it’s all gone. Poof! It must be part of being in my mid-40’s. I’ve been making some choices that naturally bring with them a new normal for my life. Some are easy to handle and some have been difficult. Sometimes I want to be like Daniel, below, and lie on the floor with my favorite blankey and hide from the world.

One of the biggest changes is that my boys are no longer homeschooled in the traditional way but via a virtual public school they do from home. What that means is they are still home daily but someone else is responsible for their schooling. It’s both a relief and a hassle to be part of the public school system. I’ve been stressed over their education and they weren’t doing well so it was obvious a change was needed. Next year they hope to go to the local vocational high school into some wonderful programs they have chosen. We’ll know more about this in April.

I guess since I am no longer involved in their day-to-day learning via planning lessons and having “classes” I have more time to pursue some interests. I want to take on more cooking classes/lessons. Today I met with a group of moms who have a cooking club. Each month they choose an ingredient or theme and everyone makes something with the chosen ingredient. Today it was Italian food and I taught pasta making along with a simple olive oil with garlic sauce. The other ladies made some wonderful foods and I look forward to attending another club lunch.

I found a new interest online which at first I said I would not join-Pinterest. I guess it was inevitable that I would sign up and begin pinning. It’s rather fun and addicting. For me, it gives me a place to collect and post simple pictures/links to my favorite things and interests. There are times when I just like to look at a pretty room or craft idea but I don’t want to fill my browser with bookmarks. Pinterest makes it so easy to collect all the fun things I find online. You ought to try it if you haven’t. Leave a request in the comments and I’ll invite you, I think you must have a Facebook account though.

I promise to begin posting recipes again soon. I just need some time to adjust to the changes and rearrange my daily activities to keep up with the new normal. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Streamlining my life

  1. It must be a rite of passage into the 40s. Just wanting things simpler. Maybe we’re just so tired by our 4th decade? Good luck with it all and when things get tough, grabbing your blankie is always an acceptable option!

  2. It’s always great to gather with other moms, to cook, eat, talk, do anything…That cooking group sounds perfect! We women are such a wonderful support for each other. :-)

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