The Teacher Goes to Class

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When I began this journey to learn traditional and authentic Italian cooking, I truly did not know where it would lead me. For the benefit of my new friends and readers, I will give you a quick timeline. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and creating new dishes for my family. I also came from a rich Italian-American heritage of enjoying special meals with authentic foods centered around the family table. In November of 2009 I watched the movie Julie and Julia and was inspired to begin blogging about the journey I began earlier in the year to learn how to cook authentic Italian food, the kind my grandparents learned in their village in Italy. I went out and began buying cookbooks on Italian cooking and read these like they were fictional stories. I began experimenting and blogging about the new foods I was cooking. Eventually I combined my new knowledge and took a cooking instructor job at a local coffee shop and cafe’ that also had a demo kitchen. I’ve learned so much since I began teaching others how to cook and I want to begin to do more of it in the future.

Last week I contacted a local vocational/career center about teaching some classes there and yesterday I went in for an interview. I am so excited to begin planning courses to offer in the fall. The facility there has a huge kitchen for their high school culinary programs so I will be able to utilize all of it for my classes. It’s just as exciting as it is overwhelming. I plan to begin to shadow the chef instructor over the next few months to learn my way around his kitchen. I will continue to meet with the director to plan classes then get them into the next catalog of adult education courses, due out sometime in late July or early August.

In preparation for this new adventure, I signed up to take a series of classes at a new place called Gatherings Kitchen. By taking the Prep School classes, I hope to learn new skills and sharpen the ones I already have. I learned about Gatherings while I was shopping last week. There is a consignment shop that I frequent, The Red Geranium, which is full of wonderful collectible and vintage items. I have found some fantastic cookbooks there and my first chef’s jacket. I got to talking with the owner, Judy, about what I have been doing and she told me about Gatherings since her cousin’s daughter is the owner. I Googled the name and found their site and signed up for class. I’ve learned it pays off to be an extrovert and a talker because that is how I have been networking with some great people over the last few years.

I’ll be sure to blog all about my experiences in the Prep School classes as well as my own. Life sure is changing for me.

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