Just what am I in for?

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Today I spent a few hours shadowing a chef who is also an instructor at the vocational center where I want to hold some classes next fall. Talk about a ride on the crazy bus! There are both juniors and seniors in the culinary arts program so I was able to observe both classes which was really interesting. The juniors were a bit more nervous and jumpy about their jobs whereas the seniors were a bit overconfident at one point, which caused a bit of a crazy time in the kitchen. The kids run a cafe’ at the center by doing all the jobs associated so essentially I spent time today in a commercial kitchen watching foods being made to order as well as some prep work for tomorrow’s menu items. It was really neat to watch the kids interact with each other and do their various jobs. Most were very open to answering my questions. I don’t plan to teach at this level but I needed to get a feel for this kitchen and where things are for my classes. Chef Tony is really easy-going and it’s obvious he has a lot of confidence in the techniques and skills he has taught his students. For the most part, he was hands-off and only gave instruction as needed. He is a talented chef and teacher. He has won a lot of competitions and awards so I really feel it’s an honor to have him to bounce ideas off of for my classes and share his kitchen in the future. Next up is taking the Prep Classes in April where I’ll gain more experience in a commercial kitchen. What an adventure I am on!

7 thoughts on “Just what am I in for?

    • It’s not for everyone but it didn’t take me long to feel comfortable watching. We’ll see what happens when I cook in that kind of environment. haha

  1. wow! Looks like what you are in for is an amazing opportunity! I am so happy for you. :)

  2. You never know what you are in for when you follow your passions! I am so happy for you Michelle!! You kick butt in there, you hear?! lol

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