This year I am putting in a raised bed garden. Last year I had every intention of putting one in but it never materialized. It was probably a good thing since our weather in NE Ohio was not all that good last year. It was a very rainy year and the crops were not the best from what I witnessed at some local farmers markets. I did well two years ago with herbs, a pepper plant and a few tomato plants so I am confident I can grow something again this time around.

Here is an example of raised bed gardens, although I think since it seems to be all the rage, most will already know what I’m talking about. I’ve decided to start small with just one 4 x 4 ft bed.

Photo credit : The Great Garden Guru

I plan to put in three varieties of tomatoes – Roma, cherry and some kind of slicing variety. I will be adding in herbs such as rosemary, thyme, parsley, basil and transferring my oregano plant in there as well. I’ve had an oregano plant for two years now in a container that has done very well. I might just thin it and put some in the raised bed. I like having the planter just outside my back door to snip the fresh oregano during the warm months. I want to try to grow some romaine lettuce and zucchini. If there is room, I might attempt eggplant as well. We’ll see once I get mine loaded with all the soil mix and sectioned off. I also have an old half barrel that is cut vertically that I’m going to convert into a planter.

The funniest part about all of this gardening business is how I managed to get out of doing most of the heavy work. I did all the planning and helped my husband pick out what to buy. He went to the store and loaded all the compost, soil, peat moss, humus and other bags of stuff and brought it all home. He also did the stacking of those bags in the garage.

Last night I told my boys, teenagers who should be wanting to work on those muscles, to get outside and help me assemble and fill the bed. I bought a kit with cedar wood that is really easy to put together. What a fiasco it all was. I think we put the “fun” in dysfunctional.

I had one kid telling me how to measure the black liner to kill off all the weeds where the bed was being laid down. I had the other telling me to move out-of-the-way so he could put the bed together. Then when it came time to move the bags of soil and etc. they were yelling at me to “bend and lift with my knees” and such so my back wouldn’t hurt. Older son told me he was not filling that bed and I can’t force him. He watched me scoop in two shovelfuls then took over, of course he also told me how I was doing it all wrong. It was comical. I just stood back and let the boys do all the work while I just commented occasionally.

I have a feeling I’ll be the one who has to go shopping for all the plants and do the transplanting, which isn’t all that bad. I wonder if I’ll be “doing it wrong” so that my oldest son comes alongside me and takes over. Oh what fun this garden will be!

I can already taste the tomato sandwiches!

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