Company for dinner…

This phrase both excites and frightens me. How can that possibly be true? Simple, I love hosting but I have a hard time deciding on what to make and serve. There are so many simple dishes to make but then who wants to go the easy way? Not me! I am a glutton for punishment, I tell ya!

I prefer to try something new whenever I have guests. I think it’s because I can hopefully get some unbiased feedback. My family seems to love almost everything I make. Last night I made these really simple chicken strips that were covered in a coating of bread crumbs, crushed saltines and some herbs. They devoured them! I kept hearing “yumm, ummmm” from the guys all during dinner. They loved the simple dipping sauce as well. Both recipes came from a book, The Stocked Kitchen, which has some great all-purpose recipes that use simple to find, every day ingredients. So far they are true to their claim but I prefer a bit more of an international flair to my dishes so I am constantly revising recipes.

For tonight’s dinner I took a recipe for Brasato in Bianco, from Italian Food Forever, and combined it with some of the flavors and techniques of the Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast recipe. I can’t wait to taste the results. We’ll start our meal with tomato bruschetta, olive and marinated artichoke hearts. The beef will be served with roasted potatoes and some zucchini, not sure if I’ll saute’ that or what.

I also made those delicious homemade granola bars for dessert because they are so easy to make. And let’s face it, they must be healthy with oats, coconut and dried cranberries—-right?

Buon appetite!

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