Garden Update-Four weeks later

I can’t believe how much my garden has grown in just four weeks! I have already been using some of the lettuce, spinach and herbs for salads and recipes in my kitchen. I’ve learned how to care for all of the plants I have so I am expecting great results. I put some plant food on them yesterday and I swear some of the plants grew two inches taller overnight! Wow…..can’t wait for the harvest. Here are some pictures of the growth.

These are the Roma tomatoes I put into the containers. I wish they were moving along faster but today there are flowers where there wasn’t yesterday.

Here is the raised bed, notice the two huge zucchini plants on the front corners?

The radishes are so huge that the carrots aren’t getting a lot of sun. I didn’t expect this to happen.

I love having the variety of lettuces in the garden plus the spinach. I plan to use the spinach to try my hand at adding it to homemade pasta.

I finally put the four sunflower plants in, or I should say my son put them in for me. I hope they don’t shade the garden too soon or I’m in trouble.

This week I have to buy the mulch and put it down around the beds and planters. It was a pain to try to trim the grass and weeds around all of this so I need to get on this final part of the project this week. Phil says next year we will put in a few more of the raised beds all along the back of the garage so I won’t need containers for my tomato plants. I think he is just as excited about this as I am. Happy gardening!

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      • you know, that does not seem pitiful to me. I like seeing how things are doing and doing a weed check pretty much every day. :)

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