Look what I found!

On Sunday I noticed there were three lovely yellow flowers on one of my zucchini plants. This morning I found three little zucchini growing at the end of those flowers! I am so excited. I hope I have enough to leave on my neighbor’s doorstep….and to make lots of yummy recipes.

There is only one problem. The leaves of  the plants are shading those things growing behind it so what can I do? I wanted to have the plants trail off the front of the raised bed but I have these huge leaves shading my lettuce, oregano, and pepper plants. Can I cut off the back leaves/stems and encourage growth in the front of the plant? Does anyone know?

Here’s another shot of the garden to see what I mean about shading.

Those two in the front corners are zucchini. The larger leaves in the back of the plant are the issue. I would love any advice about this.

5 thoughts on “Look what I found!

  1. You can cut off the back leaves if you want. Zucchini are vigorous plants, and they’ll quickly overcome any setback. But it may be a losing battle. They’re naturally very large plants (some people recommend spacing them five feet apart), and you probably won’t be able to contain them for long. Still, all those squash will be nice!

    • Thanks for the help. I got another suggestion I will try before I cut off some stems. Thanks again for responding. It means so much to have help.

  2. Beautiful! We just had the first of our zucchini for dinner tonight – delicious. I wouldn’t cut back the plants, but you can sort of trellis them out of the way. Get a few bamboo stakes or just cut some sturdy stick, maybe 4 feet long. Get a couple of pieces of chicken wire about as wide as your zucchini plants. Thread the stakes through the ends of the chicken wire. Leave about a foot at the bottom, you are going to shove those down into the ground. Now you have two simple but sturdy portable trellises. Have someone help you hold the zucchine forward and put the trellises as close to the zucchini as you can without damaging them. You can use twine to fasten the zuccini to the trellis and sort of make the plants more compact. You can even fasten some twine loosely around the zucchini and fasten it to some nails driven into the front of your bed to gently pull the plants forward. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I’m going to try this. I have a few more of those bamboo U shaped stakes I can use. I’ll use the twine as well. I am so glad to get some help with this. Again, thanks!

  3. I am glad you got advice on the plants because I know nothing… but I wanted to say YAY for plant growth. I checked my berries today and the raspberries are starting to be red and the blueberries are starting to be blue. Life is good. :)

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