Father’s Day dinner 2012

We had a wonderful Father’s Day here in spite of the rain that was present all day long. My husband was able to take his Sunday nap without any interruptions and he decided on a simple meal of beef shish kabobs and a potato salad. I suggested a new recipe for potato salad I had read about in Good Housekeeping magazine, it was from Bobby Flay. With Bobby Flay and a grill, how could we go wrong?

The recipe, Grilled Potato Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette, sounded appealing to me but not so much to my husband and one son. I asked them to just please try it and if they didn’t like it, we’d not make it again. Guess what? They loved it! Due to copyright laws, I won’t put the recipe here, but you can click on the recipe name and go to Good Housekeeping’s site. Here is a picture of our finished dish.

We’re still using a small charcoal grill at the moment since our propane grill gave out on us. It’s not a problem except for when you want to make large quantities of food, like yesterday. But we made do with the grill we have, which is being borrowed from a friend, and will until we can buy a  new one.

The greens in the potato salad were fresh out of my garden. The lettuce is tender and crisp. I love having a garden. I hope all of my readers had a great Father’s Day.

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