Coming up for air…

It’s been a whirlwind of activity the last few weeks for me and there aren’t any signs of it slowing down soon. My oldest daughter is due any day now with her fifth baby which means I am on “call” to go there to watch the other grandchildren while she is in the hospital. I just had my two oldest grandchildren here for a visit. They stayed four days and we had a bit of fun. I think I took over 100 photos and now I need to narrow it down to make a memory photo book for them. Here is just one of the photos, it was taken in the car as we were getting ready to visit a park. My third oldest grandchild joined us, he is in the middle.


It was a nice day for the park. We also played with play-doh, had a tea party and a taco dinner. Elizabeth was a big help in the kitchen, she sliced all the olives using an egg slicer.


I really enjoyed my time with the kids. They were homesick so we cut our visit short and they are now home, enjoying my oldest son. He is visiting with them until after the baby is born. He is a big help to my daughter. My younger son also spent a few days with her and gave her a hand with her two-year old twins. Those little guys are busy.

In between all the grandchildren happenings, I’ve been busy on two other important fronts in my life. I’ve recently had an email from a cousin of my deceased father, who found my family tree online. He and I have now exchanged a few emails and I’ve sent him a bunch of photos of my grandparents and other family. I love genealogy work and one of my goals when I started was to find and connect with relatives in Italy who didn’t know we were here and wanting to know them. I have succeeded because Francesco lives in Italy. When my father visited Italy in 1998 he met Francesco and his older brother Nicola. I have photos of them from that visit. I can’t wait to make my own trip to Italy.

My plan to make that trip involve the success of my own business. I am going to launch a private cooking lesson business so I can teach more people how to cook Italian food and make some money for my trip. I have much work to do to research information pertaining to my business including writing a business plan. This can be a long process but very worth it. One more fun item to note is I am cooking a special dinner for a special group of people this weekend, that is unless my daughter has her baby. Lots of Italian food and love for this group. It’s making me become more organized, which I need to be.

My garden is doing well, I have had a few blunders but I am just starting to get cherry tomatoes, some plum tomatoes, banana peppers, zucchini and herbs. I had my grandchildren help me water and harvest from my garden while they were here. They were thrilled to do this with me. See this smile?