Feeling like an inadequate Italian today…


Photo credit: Pastapomodoro.org

Remember I told you all about a gig I have at the local library? Well it seems I am just doing the pasta making demo for the International Club’s meeting on Italy, which is fine by me. Less stress than to have to put together a power-point show and have information on Italy. I am better suited to discuss the food and related Italian-American culture.

The reason for the inadequacy is I was asked if I had anything to contribute to the small display promoting the evening. I have a small Italian flag and a few postcards. That’s.it.I.have.no.more. I feel so sad. I have photos from my dad’s trip, not of interest unless you are part of my family. I have heirlooms of my grandmother’s but none of them are Italian made. They are American items from the 1950s, things many Americans owned, not just Italian-Americans. I have cookbooks but the library has many of those plus a whole lot of fiction and non-fiction books as well. I did offer one of my four pasta makers because I don’t need that many for any of my fall classes as of yet. So I am going to loan the library a manual pasta machine for their display. Whoopee!

No linens, no leather items, no dishes, no nothing! I must get to Italy! I must shop!