My birthday and a bucket list

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I know this is mainly a food blog but since I’m turning 46 on Monday, I thought it was high time I compose a bucket list. This will not be complete as I know I’ll think of more things here and there but it will be a start and I can add to it and cross things off of it later.

Do you have a bucket list? Have you felt the need to make one?

Michelle’s Bucket List

Go to Italy

Watch the sunrise over the ocean

Go on a cruise

Make a quilt

Invent a new product for cooks

Go to cooking school in Italy

Learn to speak Italian

Visit Poland

Visit Greece

Learn how to shoot a gun

Dance in the rain, for real

Take dancing lessons with my husband

Swim underwater, once

Go to festivals when I want to

See the Grand Canyon

Learn glass blowing

Make a ceramic vase or pot

Smoke a cigar with my husband

Make wine

Make cheese

Go horseback riding

Sleep near a fire or fireplace

Drive a scooter

Ride across the US or Canada on a sleeper train

See the Northern Lights

Go on a sleigh ride in the winter with a fur blanket

Take my whole family to Disney or Italy

Go on a short-term mission trip

Go to the Olympics one year

Drive or own a Fiat

Go to Kennywood park again

Ride more roller coasters

Begin and finish a few scrapbooks

Tour Europe with my husband

See Mt. Rushmore

Well that’s it for now, I’ll add more later like I said. I wonder how many of these I can actually accomplish? The swimming one is the hardest because I am afraid of going underwater.

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  1. Hi Michelle! I like this layout. It brought me right to this article. Great job on your blog’s success, it’s really growing. I hope you can start ticking these off your list. Add a check mark box to the left, ha ha, because it feels good to check things off a list!

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