A Lesson in Quadrucci Pasta

quadrucci 008

Sometimes I have very high aspirations when I find new recipes or new-to-me old country recipe from Italy. I think, “eh, how hard can it be?”. I am here to tell you sometimes it’s really tough.Last night I remembered to buy flat leaf Italian parsley to try this really cool dish called “Quadrucci in Brodo” or pasta in broth. Most people might be familiar with the little pastina you can find in the dried pasta section of your grocery store.These quadrucci squares are about 1/8 inch and are originally from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. What I attempted and somewhat succeeded in making were the larger quadrucci that are about 3 inch square and have a piece of flat leaf parsley pressed into them.

I’m going to share my photos but here is the original  post I found a few months back at Cooking with Anne. Her photos make it look easy and in theory it sounded easy. What I didn’t take into account was her recipe for the dough included using semolina flour and all purpose flour to make a sturdier and drier dough. Mine was rather moist, at least some of it was. I had two pieces of dough leftover from last night’s pasta class so I did get different results with the two different batches of dough. Next time I will use the combination of flours, if there is a next time.

Here is the finished quadrucci, drying and waiting to be cooked in broth for a dinner soup.

quadrucci 007


This is the first step after I rolled the dough to the thickness I wanted.

quadrucci 001


The next step was to fold over the other half of the pasta sheet, press down and put it back through the machine a few times. Like I said, this batch was on the wet side so this is what happened when I put it through the final time.

quadrucci 002


See how the leaf is coming through the dough? You don’t want that but all is not lost. I just let those sheets dry and then cut them into fettuccine. See how cool the noodles look?

quadrucci 010


I guess in reality I have two different pastas here to make. I will make the large quadrucci in broth for Phil and I while the guys can have the noodles with some olive oil and garlic. Sounds like a good start to our meal tonight. I’ll be trying a frittata later made with asparagus and pecorino cheese.

Buon appettito’

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