Things I’ve Learned From My Husband


This is not about cooking at all but it’s about the things I’ve learned from the man I love. We’ve been together for twenty years, married for 19 of those and I love him more today than the day I married him. I’m writing this on the day before I will have surgery on my left shoulder to repair a labrum tear, a surgery which will require him to really help me in ways he isn’t used to. I handle most of the cooking, shopping, cleaning (what little I do), laundry, driving, teenage boy and dog care and much more but now this will force him to take up many more duties after a long day at work. Things like surgeries change routine and comfort zones in a family.

So far I’ve learned that when someone truly loves you, they will do anything for you. Over the last few weeks my husband, Phil, has bought me a chair to recover in, de-cluttered and cleaned the great room in our house which is the area where the family spends most of its time, cleaned out our bedroom and rearranged furniture to suit my needs. He went so far as to steam clean the carpet, wash curtains and throw rugs. Yes, those were washed together and we had a little mishap with a red rug still leaving dye on anything washed with it, but rugs can be replaced. He has done a great job and I won’t fault him for one little mistake like this. He also braved an Aldi store on a Saturday to finish our grocery shopping. I gave him information on how to navigate the store but he found the store had been rearranged. He wasn’t the only lost customer. What a guy!

During the weeks leading up to this week, we’ve taken a few dates to just be together and get away from the reality that will change our lives soon. Mostly we have coffee and talk but yesterday we visited a local burger place. There is a chain of restaurants called The Winking Lizard and now in some of their locations they have opened a whiskey bar inside of the building but it’s a separate entity in a way. They do not allow anyone under 21 in there, they sell beer by the bottle at retail price and you won’t find Bud Light but you will find beer from all around the world and local micro-breweries.

At the bar area you can find a variety of whiskeys and such, a wine chiller or two as well as a small humidor to buy cigars. They have a patio for smoking as we are a no smoking inside anywhere kind of state. I know this seems rambling an all but there is a point I’m getting to so bear with me. Bars are somewhat foreign to me. I didn’t spend a lot of time in them before or after I turned 21 unless it was also a place to get good food. Phil spent his fair share in bars while in the military so he is perfectly comfortable in them. I don’t drink when we go out because I only like to drink a glass of red wine here and there so I always become the designated driver, even when he only drinks one beer. Yesterday he got a milk stout beer and decided to also try a whiskey after our burgers. I learned that when alcohol is served there are particular glasses for certain kinds of drinks. He was also given the  option of how he wanted his whiskey – cold or room temperature. He chose cold so it came with a “hockey puck” of ice in the glass. Really interesting! We talked about how we could make those at home should he get another bottle of whiskey for when he enjoys the occasional cigar.

He also taught me bar etiquette. I didn’t know there were “rules” for guys when they go to the bar. If two or more guys go to a bar together they can sit next to each other but if a guy goes in alone, he leaves the seats next to him open, he doesn’t sit next to strangers unless it’s the last available seat. If he sits next to someone he doesn’t know when there are  open seats then I guess it gets questionable as to his intentions. I think it’s kind of funny cause I wouldn’t have thought anything about it but I guess it’s the same as in a public men’s restroom. No standing next to another guy at the urinals! hahahaha….

And last but not least I have learned that males whether they are 5, 15, or 45 they will always find bodily functions funny and tell endless jokes about such things. It’s something I’ve learned to live with, it’s that “if you can’t beat them join them kind” of mentality here. Yesterday morning while getting ready for church, one of my sons said a verse from the diarrhea song and things went downhill from there. Phil Googled the song and started to say verses to us and we all began to find ourselves in a fit of giggles. Life is too short to not laugh at this kind of thing.

In the end I want my family to remember that I like to laugh at all the crazy things in life. And I was willing to learn from each of them, no matter the subject matter.

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  1. Let me clarify, guys can sit next to girls at the bar. However I would not recommend this practice at the urinals….?!

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