Way behind on writing

I should have written this a few weeks back but I’ve been lazy. Yep, too lazy to write but I’ve been a bit busy. Two days a week I run my grandson into the next city for a summer camp and then pick him up and bring him home again. I have time when he is there but I find other non-computer related things to do then.

I’ve been working hard at finding a new job. I went to some classes on finding a job, writing a resume and then I applied at two places. No word yet but I’m not giving up.

The one really big fun thing I have done is on July 8th I was part of another Dishcrawl Cleveland. This time I was one of the featured chefs and I ran a cooking class as opposed to have people into a restaurant where I cook. This particular Monday was nice and sunny until about one hour before the big event started in Medina, around the historic square.

working on apps with fred

app making

Since my classes are mostly held at Cool Beans Cafe in Medina I asked and was graciously given the teaching kitchen to hold my part of Dishcrawl there. In the end, due to the rain, the Zydeco Bistro Food truck parked in front of Cool Beans so the folks could eat their food inside where it was dry. Then they entered my kitchen area and they all made a variety of appetizers under the direction of myself and my son, Jake, who helped me out tremendously. After the work was done, the 16 “crawlers” made plates and ate their creations.

jake helping

chatting with crawlers

Laura, the owner of Cool Beans then offered her wonderful desert of Lemon Curd Mousse in Chocolate covered waffle bowls with fresh berries. Oh they looked so good but I missed out on getting to taste one of those as we were cleaning up.

lemon curd

I should mention the first stop on this crawl was at Thyme 2 (read as Thyme squared), which is a multi-level restaurant and pub. So there were the typical four stops but due to rain three happened inside one place. I think considering the situation we made the best of the evening. The photos are all courtesy of Dishcrawl Cleveland and one of the participants. I encourage you to find one near you in your city and go on a foodie adventure. It was so fun to be part of this on the teaching end. I really love to teach cooking.

New recipe and photos of the completed appetizers.

buffalo chicken hot shots

Buffalo Chicken Hot Shots

1 ½ cups buffalo wing sauce

1 ½ cups ranch dressing

¾ cup blue cheese crumbles

1 cup cooked chicken thighs, chopped into a small dice

1 bunch celery

Pretzel rods

Plastic or glass shot glasses


In the shot glasses begin layering the following- 1 Tbsp wing sauce, ½ Tbsp chicken, 1 Tbsp ranch, ½ Tbsp blue cheese. Cut celery into 3-4 inch pieces and place one or two into each shot glass. Add short pretzel rods as well. Serve. These can be made ahead of time but do not put the pretzel rods in until serving.

Makes about 50 appetizers

Caprese tortellini skewers

brie bites and melon

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