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Life moves forward due to progress. Have you ever stopped to think about how much we as humans have progressed towards a more comfortable lifestyle than previous generations? I know I have. It hits me on a pretty regular basis that this current generation has things a bit easier than the last and so on … Continue reading

My grandmother’s apron

One thing I remember most about my grandmother besides the wonderful food she made was the fact that she always wore an apron. I can hardly remember a time when she wasn’t wearing one. For a long time I didn’t have many pictures of my grandmother so most of my knowledge is from my own … Continue reading

I can’t help myself

If I don’t do something with dough, either bread or pasta, at least once a week, I go nuts! I find such a comfort in kneading dough. I never used a mixer of any type to make dough and I don’t think I ever will use one. Why? When you are kneading you can work … Continue reading

Homemade lasagna and tortellini

Let me start off by saying any pasta making by hand or machine is a labor of love. It can be intensive but fun. It is the experience that memories are made of. It’s the tie that binds me to my ancestors, my father and grandparents. And now it is connecting me with my husband … Continue reading

Buon Natale!

Merry Christmas to all. What a wonderful start to our day already. We have opened the gifts, the stockings and ate a wonderful breakfast. We drank Italian roast Starbucks coffee and orange juice. We are having lots of fun with a toddler running around. Christmas is for families and memories and traditions. Every year I … Continue reading

Life in Italy

I found this site this morning while looking for foods from the region of Molise. My ancestors originate from this region, namely the village of Campolieto, which the header picture shows. As you can see, Campolieto is a mountain village. It’s not very large and when I viewed the city using Google maps, I could … Continue reading

Rosemary and cheese focaccia bread

Today is a baking day. I decided to test my skills with yeast breads. I have never made a yeast bread by hand before, I have used a bread machine, but that is not the same thing by any means. Foccacia bread is a simple bread to start with. A little history of the focaccia … Continue reading

How to eat spaghetti!

I have always known I do not eat spaghetti in the proper manner. My grandmother pointed that out to me when I was younger. I have always….ready for it?….cut my spaghetti! Yes you heard me right, cut it! Such a sacrilege. Much to my embarrassment, I have no idea why or when I started doing … Continue reading