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Not winning hurts

Not winning hurts

I alluded to the fact I entered a contest to win a trip to Italy in a previous post. I am here to vent and say I was not chosen. I will not say I lost because that would imply I am a loser which I am not. There were many entries and I was … Continue reading

Entering a new chapter….

As I wrote in my post the other day, last night I had a cooking class filmed for a segment that will be shown on a local daytime talk show. It’s going to be all about date night ideas for couples. I am so thankful to the owner of Cool Beans who gave me the … Continue reading

Celebration Night!

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. I have the world’s best husband but then again, I am quite biased. He treats me like a queen and encourages me in every single thing I do to make myself a better person, whether it’s in the role of a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend,chef, and soon-to-be … Continue reading

Tips for a Tip….Sirloin Tip that is….

When I was grocery shopping over the weekend I found the price of cheap ground beef per pound to be only $.10 cheaper than a sirloin tip roast per pound. I decided not to settle for the cheaper meat, most likely with additives, and get the roast. We don’t eat very much red meat here … Continue reading

Braciole’ and Ricotta Gnocchi

Braciole’ and Ricotta Gnocchi

As I dig deeper into the launching my own small business, I am energized more and more. Soon I have a chance to practice cooking in front of people with an upcoming job. I’ll be cooking a dinner for a group of twelve wonderful people. These are people I’ve known my entire married life. They … Continue reading

Company for dinner…

This phrase both excites and frightens me. How can that possibly be true? Simple, I love hosting but I have a hard time deciding on what to make and serve. There are so many simple dishes to make but then who wants to go the easy way? Not me! I am a glutton for punishment, … Continue reading

International cooking and celebrations

This past Saturday my husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. I have enjoyed every minute of our years together and can’t wait for more. He is a great guy and loves me wholly. Without him I feel like half a person. He bought me some very pretty pink tulips for our dinner table … Continue reading