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Mediterranean Cooking Class Recipes

I taught a wonderful class last night which highlighted some of the classic foods and tastes from Mediterranean cuisine.  This was probably my last class for a few months since next month I am having surgery to repair a SLAP tear on my left shoulder. I’m sad about this but I will be happy to … Continue reading

Pappa al Pomodoro or Bread and Tomato Soup

Here in North East Ohio we are suffering with some frigid temperatures outside. It’s the perfect weather to stay inside and enjoy some comfort foods that are hot and filling. Bread and Tomato soup fits the bill perfectly. I’m making this soup Thursday evening for my students attending the Italian comfort foods class at Cool … Continue reading

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches with Pretzel Buns

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches with Pretzel Buns

  This was such a great idea for dinner! I was inspired by a post on Pinterest using a slow cooker for this recipe. I made some adjustments to the original but in the end I’m pretty sure the results were the same-deliciousness! See below the recipe for information about the pretzel buns. Chicken Caesar … Continue reading

My 2011 Christmas menu

Photo Credit: Explore Italian culture As promised, here are my menus for Christmas eve and Christmas day for this year. I searched the interwebs for more information about traditional Italian holiday menus and found more ideas for this year. Some of this may not be truly traditional but it’s all around just good Italian food. … Continue reading

Spaghetti Bruschetta

It’s hot and we’ve had a busy day. I needed a quick and cool dinner idea. I took the kids bowling using free coupons from AMF lanes. Kids can bowl free all summer long when you sign them up for the coupons, not too bad of a deal. With the heat and being tired,  I … Continue reading

Food allergies and how they pertain to my life

Icon Credit: Loaded Smoothies It seems I have a possible food allergy. For the last few years I’ve dealt with a lactose-intolerance that comes and goes. But since last Saturday I have been having some really nasty side affects after I’ve eaten anything with wheat in it. From pasta to bread to pancakes, it’s all … Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Involtini Revisted

Last week a friend let me know she tried one of my recipes. That excites me. What can I say? I’m a simple girl. She told me she prepared the bacon wrapped chicken and used roasted red pepper and provolone cheese which were different from the original recipe’s ingredient list. According to her and her … Continue reading

Mock Gyros with Chicken and Homemade Pitas

I decided to go with these  Mock gyros instead of quesadillas tonight, mostly because I wanted to make Tzatziki sauce for the first time. I took off all the good meat left on the chicken and mixed it with some olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. I made homemade pita bread and Tzatziki sauce, … Continue reading