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New recipes….appetizer and dessert

New recipes….appetizer and dessert

First things first, the job didn’t work out. I took down the post about it so I wouldn’t be found in a search for that particular business in my area because it’s not fair to them to make it known about their changes. Now, moving right along, because that is exactly what I am doing … Continue reading

Celebration Night!

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. I have the world’s best husband but then again, I am quite biased. He treats me like a queen and encourages me in every single thing I do to make myself a better person, whether it’s in the role of a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend,chef, and soon-to-be … Continue reading

Trying Tiramisu

Trying Tiramisu

For quite some time, I’ve been making a Tiramisu-themed dessert in some of my classes but I needed a recipe closer to the classic Tiramisu Italy is so famous for. I needed to find a recipe that could be made quickly, not use raw eggs, set up fast and taste delicious.  I guess it’s a pretty … Continue reading

My 2011 Christmas menu

Photo Credit: Explore Italian culture As promised, here are my menus for Christmas eve and Christmas day for this year. I searched the interwebs for more information about traditional Italian holiday menus and found more ideas for this year. Some of this may not be truly traditional but it’s all around just good Italian food. … Continue reading

Why do I teach cooking classes?

I’ve been asking myself this question since I’ve had a rash of classes over the past week. My simple answer is this- I love to cook and I love to teach others how to cook. I get so much joy from watching people learn they can make delicious foods in their own kitchen and it … Continue reading

Canceled and Candy Sushi

Don’t get in a tizzy, I’m not canceling my blog. But so far this week, two of my three classes have been canceled. One was due to low enrollment and the other due to sickness. I am not sure what is happening with tomorrow’s class but I should hear something by this afternoon. In any … Continue reading

Cooking classes and changes

I’ve been super busy trying to get all my information together for my upcoming cooking classes. This Thursday I’m doing a class for the seniors and they requested pierogis. I’m excited about this group of seniors. They were a lot of fun last time and when I mentioned that I had just made pierogis at … Continue reading

Bargains and Biscotti

It happened again. I found a few great bargains while thrift store shopping. I have been searching the two local thrift stores to find some kitchen decorations for the walls only to be blessed by other finds. Yesterday I stopped in one of the thrift stores with Caleb. First we checked out the goods “behind” the … Continue reading

Herbs and plants

Don’t be shocked because I have blogged several times this week but I guess the mood hit me to blog. I have been lamenting over the pitiful state of my one surviving basil plant from the summer that I decided it was time to buy a new plant. Look at this awful sorry state of what … Continue reading