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Zucchini chocolate chip muffins

Oh I knew just the sound of these meant they were going to be good. They are heavenly! I am usually not very good at baking as I tend to over bake things and they dry out. But these muffins came out perfect! I found the following recipe and doubled it. Not only did I … Continue reading

Easter memories and menu

We all had a wonderful Easter with a great church service followed by a great meal. It was the normal family including my hubby, my boys, my daughter and her son and me. Here is Isaiah, or Za as we call him, waiting for his food.

Orange Cranberry Biscotti

Biscotti in Italian means “baked twice” which is what is done with this particular cookie. Many of us are used to the biscotti that comes in cellophane wrappers and has been sitting in a canister for some time. I decided a few months back to bake my own. I had fantastic results.

Ricotta Cheese cookies

I love to cook but baking has never been my forte’. Maybe it’s because of the need for precise measuring. Maybe because it’s because I am intimidated by some family members who are great bakers. In any case, every year at Christmas I do try a new recipe. This year alone I have learned how … Continue reading