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The Teacher Goes to Class

The Teacher Goes to Class

Photo Credit: When I began this journey to learn traditional and authentic Italian cooking, I truly did not know where it would lead me. For the benefit of my new friends and readers, I will give you a quick timeline. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and creating new dishes for my family. I also came … Continue reading

Streamlining my life

and other changes. It’s been too long since I’ve really written a blog post. I’ve composed many in my head and then when I sit down to type out the entry, it’s all gone. Poof! It must be part of being in my mid-40’s. I’ve been making some choices that naturally bring with them a … Continue reading

Special days

It seems I like to honor special days in my family, maybe more so than others, but that is ok. I truly love to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays in grand fashion including lots of good food. What other way is there? This Sunday Phil and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage. It’s … Continue reading

My California Gastronomical Adventure

or better titled “How Guy Fieri cost me $500”.  Just about two weeks ago my husband and I were watching Guy Fieri’s show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and we were hungry at the time. That was our first mistake or brilliant idea, depending on who you ask around here. Phil said look at those egg … Continue reading

My 2011 Christmas menu

Photo Credit: Explore Italian culture As promised, here are my menus for Christmas eve and Christmas day for this year. I searched the interwebs for more information about traditional Italian holiday menus and found more ideas for this year. Some of this may not be truly traditional but it’s all around just good Italian food. … Continue reading

It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to

Yeah, it’s a whiny post so if you don’t want to read, leave or delete now. Disclaimer out-of-the-way, what this is really about is longing. This time of year always brings about a longing in me I can’t or haven’t fulfilled in my life. Personally I think a trip to Italy would help. I also … Continue reading

Coming to terms with my food snobbery…

It seems I’ve been put in my place by none other than my very own daughter. And on my 45th birthday of all days! Ha! That’ll teach me to let my husband plan my special day. Hehe…all kidding aside I am delighted to tell you about the wonderful birthday I had and how I had to … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Day Menu

This year we are going to eat a mostly traditional Thanksgiving day meal. I usually rebel and make something Italian but for some reason I am not giving in to my rebelliousness this time around. But I have to tell you I have warned the family that Christmas will be Italian! Of course we’ll have … Continue reading


Photo credit: Another dear friend of mine has passed away. This time my friend died from a tragic accident as opposed to a sickness, it’s still sad either way. The loss is still great. The sadness is here. My friend Irene welcomed me into her heart and life back in 1994 when we moved … Continue reading

The Art of Storytelling

I firmly believe storytelling is becoming a lost art. With so many factors causing families to be separated these days, the chief storytellers have no one to pass on their stories to. I find that even in my own life, my kids at home, who are of the teenage boy variety, don’t care to hear … Continue reading