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Gluten and Dairy Free Meal Ideas

For the last few days I’ve been asking myself why I caved and made that spaghetti bruschetta the other day. I thought I was getting better because the symptoms were gone. Boy was I wrong. After eating more wheat products for a few more days after that spaghetti, I was back to the awful side … Continue reading

Fresh and Healthy Foods for Summer

Today I taught another class, this one was called “Fresh and Healthy Summer Meals”. What we ended making was closer to a side dish but all were extremely tasty. I promised to put up the recipes here on my blog to the ladies who attended. We made a few minor changes from the originals but … Continue reading

Homemade Overnight Pickles

Photo Credit: Jewish World View   My brother recently returned to the States from South Korea where he spent 3 year teaching English classes to Korean children. He brought with him stories of the Korean culture and a few recipes. He gave me this pickle recipe and we gave it a try. I have never … Continue reading

Adventures of the cooking teacher continued

When we last heard of the cooking teacher’s classes, she was busy getting ready to teach preschoolers their basic shapes and letters as well as some fun cooking skills. This time around the average age of the students was about 9 years old.Keep reading to learn of the newest adventure. Photo credit: Deviant Art Yesterday … Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Involtini Revisted

Last week a friend let me know she tried one of my recipes. That excites me. What can I say? I’m a simple girl. She told me she prepared the bacon wrapped chicken and used roasted red pepper and provolone cheese which were different from the original recipe’s ingredient list. According to her and her … Continue reading

Cooking classes and changes

I’ve been super busy trying to get all my information together for my upcoming cooking classes. This Thursday I’m doing a class for the seniors and they requested pierogis. I’m excited about this group of seniors. They were a lot of fun last time and when I mentioned that I had just made pierogis at … Continue reading

Pork Rollatini with Tomato Sauce

Today I invented a new recipe for us to try. I am guessing someone else might have made something similar but when I searched it out nothing came up. So I just started thinking of how can I fix these thin cut pork cutlets, we wanted something different from my normal ways of cooking them, … Continue reading

Grandma’s Little Helper for Pierogis

Yesterday I had my daughter and grandson over for dinner and visiting time. Za (pronounced with a long a sound) was so glad to be here because he missed us all so much. We all missed him and his momma and were glad for a visit. I figured I would take the time to show … Continue reading

Cooking tips and more!

Remember how I told you my husband kept getting on me to put some paper and pen on my nightstand so I can jot down blog post ideas? Well I got the idea early this morning for this post, it actually came out of a dream. Can you believe it?  I didn’t jot it down … Continue reading

I taught my first class

Back in December I interviewed for a job to teach cooking classes. I was immediately hired but it took awhile to get my classes on the schedule at the coffee shop/cafe’ where I will be teaching. Wednesday was the first class. I will admit to being a bit nervous going into it but who wouldn’t … Continue reading