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Homemade Pierogi

What can I say? I promised one more meal from the famous Italian Roasted Chicken and here it is. Yes, I found a way to incorporate the chicken broth into homemade pierogi. I follow food guide at’s Eastern European food section, Barb Rolek, on her Facebook fan page. I asked her for a recipe using … Continue reading

Frustations of an Italian cook

Today is International Day of Italian Cuisines and the featured dish is Pesto alla Genovese. I was very excited to make my own homemade pesto for the first time. Saturday when I was shopping I decided against buying the fresh basil choosing instead to buy it fresh today. Wouldn’t you know it but the two … Continue reading

Pasta al tonno or pasta with tuna

I’ve been dying to try this dish for a long time. I finally found the right tuna, a white filet packed in olive oil, and bought a few cans. You can go with either a tomato and tuna based sauce or a bianco tuna sauce. I think we will first try the tomato based sauce. … Continue reading

Guest Post- Julie Angelos Lama

Today I am sharing a post from a dear online friend, Julie Angelos Lama. She is an ex-pat living and working in Italy. Julie fell in love with an Italian man, got married and settled down in Italy. She has two darling sons who seem to be the light of her life. She is also … Continue reading

Christmas menus

I finally decided upon a few new and old dishes for our Christmas menus. We will be eating a variety of foods this year from traditional Italian, to Irish to American and back to Italian. I think it seems fitting for this multi-cultural family. For Christmas eve the Italians do not eat meat so we … Continue reading

My long awaited kitchen pictures

It seems like it’s been forever since I first posted about re-doing our kitchen and I guess it has been awhile. I took some pictures both in the day and night but still the coloring and flash is not quite right. So these will have to do. Warning: pictures ahead! Here is a link to … Continue reading

Eye candy and second chances

I found a great photoblog that I hope my readers will enjoy. It’s full of Italian eye candy. Take a visit to Napoli Unplugged Photoblog for some wonderful shots of Italy. I spent 15 minutes there this morning. For a second chance at winning your own copy of Beyond the Pasta by Mark Leslie, hop … Continue reading

Winter snow days

Goodness but we are in the midst of a big storm here in NE Ohio. We have had five days of warnings about this snow storm and so far most of it is happening.  I really can’t tell what the snowfall total is so far due to the blowing and drifting of snow. I do … Continue reading