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Chicken Posole Soup

What’s this? Two posts in a row? Yep. I had to write about this recipe I tried yesterday and you know my family are the guinea pigs of all my cooking experiments. This was no different. Several shocking things occurred. 1. My onion-hating son ate more than half a bowl knowing there were diced onions in … Continue reading

Chicken Cacciatore

Once again it’s cooking class time for me. The month of January has been filled with one class after another. I do enjoy every minute of the classes. Sometimes the prep work of recipe research and shopping can be taxing but it’s all part of what I do. There are ways to make those parts … Continue reading

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches with Pretzel Buns

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches with Pretzel Buns

  This was such a great idea for dinner! I was inspired by a post on Pinterest using a slow cooker for this recipe. I made some adjustments to the original but in the end I’m pretty sure the results were the same-deliciousness! See below the recipe for information about the pretzel buns. Chicken Caesar … Continue reading

Braised Chicken with Fennel

Braised Chicken with Fennel

This year for our Mother’s day celebration, the men of my house cooked the main meal of the day. I supplied the food, recipes and was available for consulting. They did the rest. One of the dishes they made was roasted carrots and fennel but we had way too much fennel for our needs that … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Day Menu

This year we are going to eat a mostly traditional Thanksgiving day meal. I usually rebel and make something Italian but for some reason I am not giving in to my rebelliousness this time around. But I have to tell you I have warned the family that Christmas will be Italian! Of course we’ll have … Continue reading

If the truth be told…

I am having a bit of trouble considering myself a food blogger at this point. I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about this blog of mine and where I want to go with it. My eating habits have changed quite a bit over the last few months and while I’m not complaining, especially since … Continue reading

Summer means salads

With summer almost here and the spring bringing fresh lettuce to the markets I am thinking of all the salad combinations I can begin making. I’ve already tried my hand with combining hot proteins with cold lettuce and vegetables as well as pasta salads. Around my house we like different combinations of flavors and textures … Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Involtini Revisted

Last week a friend let me know she tried one of my recipes. That excites me. What can I say? I’m a simple girl. She told me she prepared the bacon wrapped chicken and used roasted red pepper and provolone cheese which were different from the original recipe’s ingredient list. According to her and her … Continue reading

Mock Gyros with Chicken and Homemade Pitas

I decided to go with these  Mock gyros instead of quesadillas tonight, mostly because I wanted to make Tzatziki sauce for the first time. I took off all the good meat left on the chicken and mixed it with some olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. I made homemade pita bread and Tzatziki sauce, … Continue reading