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Prep School class photos pt.2

Prep School class photos pt.2

  I apologize for not getting these up sooner but I’ve been extra busy lately. I have pictures from week 3 but can’t seem to get them to upload because they were sent to me from a classmate. But on week 4 I did take pictures of our final class meal. It was very good … Continue reading

How I spend my Tuesday evenings this month…

How I spend my Tuesday evenings this month…

I’m taking a four-week series of cooking classes at a great place called Gatherings Kitchen. I am having so much fun learning and cooking alongside other foodies like myself as well as the chefs who are teaching us. Last week I forgot my camera but we made the following meal: Hot and Sour Mushroom soup … Continue reading

Adventures of the cooking teacher continued

When we last heard of the cooking teacher’s classes, she was busy getting ready to teach preschoolers their basic shapes and letters as well as some fun cooking skills. This time around the average age of the students was about 9 years old.Keep reading to learn of the newest adventure. Photo credit: Deviant Art Yesterday … Continue reading

Pasta and Peas with Pancetta

I’m revisiting my recipe I had already posted here on my blog for pasta and peas for two reasons. First it’s a really simple and easy to make dish but I wanted to zing it up with a bit of flavor from pancetta (pronounced pan-chet-ta). The second reason to spice up this dish was I was … Continue reading

Cooking tips and more!

Remember how I told you my husband kept getting on me to put some paper and pen on my nightstand so I can jot down blog post ideas? Well I got the idea early this morning for this post, it actually came out of a dream. Can you believe it?  I didn’t jot it down … Continue reading

Bloggers block

I think that is similar to writer’s block. That is where you realize you have nothing of importance to write about. At least in my own opinion I don’t. I have dealt with this before but have not ever admitted it here, in public. Crazy huh? I find that it happens to many bloggers and … Continue reading

Winter vactions, I highly recommend them.

We have just returned from a weeklong vacation to Bluffton, South Carolina. The typical temps this time of year for the area are in the 60’s but wouldn’t ya know it, they hovered in the low 50’s most of the time. We had some sunshine and did get in some great walks. We were able to get our … Continue reading

The Well-Stocked Italian Kitchen Pantry

Photo credit by Deana Romano One of the major challenges of almost any home chef/cook would be how to keep a well stocked pantry.  I’m not talking about buying lots of canned goods in case of emergency or disaster, although for some of us, there are times our first choice menu item doesn’t turn out … Continue reading

It does a mother’s heart good…

when her child says “I want to learn how to cook”! Ahhh music to my ears. For some strange reason, and maybe they will read and comment, my daughters were not all that interested in learning how to cook while they were still growing up at home. Maybe it was due to my personality during … Continue reading

Chicken Scampi and a funny story

Last night my hubby had to work late so I wanted to make a dish that could be reheated easily and still taste good. I chose a dish that is very popular here in my home-chicken scampi. I don’t think this is a true, authentic version but it’s very good. And everyone here loves it.  … Continue reading