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No time to write a proper entry

I’ve been so busy lately. Now that the family has all visited and gone home I’ll have some time to get back to blogging and new recipes. I already blew the goal of blogging daily but that was due to having visitors in my home. My grandchildren took up all my time over the past … Continue reading

Christmas recovery

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got all that you wanted or needed. But not just that, I hope and pray you found peace and love in all you did. I hope you gathered with loved ones and created new memories, continued with old traditions as well as start new ones. Even … Continue reading

Guest Post- Julie Angelos Lama

Today I am sharing a post from a dear online friend, Julie Angelos Lama. She is an ex-pat living and working in Italy. Julie fell in love with an Italian man, got married and settled down in Italy. She has two darling sons who seem to be the light of her life. She is also … Continue reading

Keeping busy

The last few days I have been busy with a few things around here. One thing I have done is gone back to a previous theme I used for this blog because I like the layout better and it allows my header to be shown in full. I also like the tabs for the pages … Continue reading

Dragon slaying and bubble baths….

I know, it’s not in any way, shape or form related to cooking but hey, that is how my evening has been.  My grandchildren and I have been outside to slay some dragons. I love their imagination. They have “aiyas” which are foam swords and I bought them shields. They are all set to slay … Continue reading

The kind of mom and grandma I want to be

I truly loved growing up with Italian grandparents. They were not the kind of grandparents that took me places or spent money on me but I did spend the night there sometimes and they cooked great foods. We went there for a family dinner every other Sunday. My uncle’s family would go on the opposite … Continue reading

Pasta with Chicken and Bacon-new recipe!

I tried to write this last night, but once again I was “locked” out of my blog by some weird glitch. It seems to happen to my blog and my email. Very strange. Yesterday afternoon I was dealing with some anxieties over a few ants I found in my house and another kind of insect … Continue reading

Chicken Scampi and a funny story

Last night my hubby had to work late so I wanted to make a dish that could be reheated easily and still taste good. I chose a dish that is very popular here in my home-chicken scampi. I don’t think this is a true, authentic version but it’s very good. And everyone here loves it.  … Continue reading

On being a Gramma…

  I have been absent from blogging and blog reading the last few days and with good reason! My precious grandchildren came to visit for a few days. My daughter and son-in-law needed some time to prepare their house for the upcoming birth of their twin boys, due in the next 6 weeks, and so I … Continue reading

I can’t help myself

If I don’t do something with dough, either bread or pasta, at least once a week, I go nuts! I find such a comfort in kneading dough. I never used a mixer of any type to make dough and I don’t think I ever will use one. Why? When you are kneading you can work … Continue reading