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Birthdays and busyness….

Today my son turns 14. He is my baby, my youngest. The caboose. He came into the world about 2 in the morning on August 11, 1996. He wasn’t scheduled to be here until Monday the 12th via a scheduled c-section but he had other plans. He is not only my baby but he was … Continue reading

Twin pictures

If you would like to see professional pictures of my twin grandsons, who are doing great by the way, then go to Facebook and check out Jennifer Madden Photography. Obiviously they will be in the newborn album and you can find some of the boys together and alone. Jennifer is a wonderful photographer. My hubby … Continue reading

Dragon slaying and bubble baths….

I know, it’s not in any way, shape or form related to cooking but hey, that is how my evening has been.  My grandchildren and I have been outside to slay some dragons. I love their imagination. They have “aiyas” which are foam swords and I bought them shields. They are all set to slay … Continue reading

The babies have arrived!

Too bad I could not post this yesterday but the babies came this morning. My daughter went into labor but still had a c-section due one of the boys being breech and some other issues going on. Everyone is doing well. I arrived at the hospital just a few hours after they were born. I … Continue reading

The kind of mom and grandma I want to be

I truly loved growing up with Italian grandparents. They were not the kind of grandparents that took me places or spent money on me but I did spend the night there sometimes and they cooked great foods. We went there for a family dinner every other Sunday. My uncle’s family would go on the opposite … Continue reading

Calm it down, Calm it down!

My daughter could or could not be in labor. I have been in a holding pattern since 8 AM this morning. My sons are telling me to calm down! lol…I guess I am getting a little freaked. The problem is not that we are new to birthing babies but more about the fact that I … Continue reading

On being a Gramma…

  I have been absent from blogging and blog reading the last few days and with good reason! My precious grandchildren came to visit for a few days. My daughter and son-in-law needed some time to prepare their house for the upcoming birth of their twin boys, due in the next 6 weeks, and so I … Continue reading