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Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

My husband needs to cut out salt and fat from his diet as he is on the borderline of hypertension. He has already lost some weight, which is good although he wasn’t too much overweight, maybe 20 pounds?  So once again I found myself searching the internet for recipes and a new way to cook. … Continue reading

Quinoa! Who knew?

I had no idea quinoa was such a great food. It’s a grain, full of protein, vitamins and minerals essential for our bodies. It’s also tasty and easy to prepare. It’s versatile according to the variety of recipes I’ve found online. Tonight I made quinoa, just plain with nothing but water and salt. It really … Continue reading

Adventures of the cooking teacher continued

When we last heard of the cooking teacher’s classes, she was busy getting ready to teach preschoolers their basic shapes and letters as well as some fun cooking skills. This time around the average age of the students was about 9 years old.Keep reading to learn of the newest adventure. Photo credit: Deviant Art Yesterday … Continue reading