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Christmas menus

I finally decided upon a few new and old dishes for our Christmas menus. We will be eating a variety of foods this year from traditional Italian, to Irish to American and back to Italian. I think it seems fitting for this multi-cultural family. For Christmas eve the Italians do not eat meat so we … Continue reading

Winter snow days

Goodness but we are in the midst of a big storm here in NE Ohio. We have had five days of warnings about this snow storm and so far most of it is happening.  I really can’t tell what the snowfall total is so far due to the blowing and drifting of snow. I do … Continue reading

Ding ding ding…we have our winners!!

Photo credit: gigaweb I’d like to thank all of you for entering my giveaway and for all the well wishes on my blogiversary. It was a great year and I hope to have many more. So without further ado: Winner of Beyond the Pasta is #30- Rochael! Winner of the California Olive Ranch Olive oil is … Continue reading

The Well-Stocked Italian Kitchen Pantry

Photo credit by Deana Romano One of the major challenges of almost any home chef/cook would be how to keep a well stocked pantry.  I’m not talking about buying lots of canned goods in case of emergency or disaster, although for some of us, there are times our first choice menu item doesn’t turn out … Continue reading

But it was just a little fire!

Isn’t that what they all say? It seems that my oven bit the dust last week. It was just a little arcing and sparking that melted the main heating element in the oven. I was on my way to the bathroom,(why does it always seem to happen then?), when my boys yelled “Mom, fire!”. I … Continue reading

Foodie finds

Being a foodie I totally enjoy when I stumble across new foodie blogs. Usually I find them by the automatic links other blogs have that bring people here. Did that make any sense? At the bottom of this entry, you’ll find links to “Other posts you might like” and they aren’t always to other posts … Continue reading

One whole chicken-two meals or more!

Yes, foodie friends it can be done! I was able to make a purchasing error into a wonderful meal two different nights. I know I am not the first to do this but I do believe I did it with minimal work involved. First let me tell you about the contest I have going at … Continue reading