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Pappa al Pomodoro or Bread and Tomato Soup

Here in North East Ohio we are suffering with some frigid temperatures outside. It’s the perfect weather to stay inside and enjoy some comfort foods that are hot and filling. Bread and Tomato soup fits the bill perfectly. I’m making this soup Thursday evening for my students attending the Italian comfort foods class at Cool … Continue reading

7 Layer Dip- Italian Style

I first found this recipe at Ms. Adventures in Italy’s recipe page and fell in love with the tastes and textures it provides.  Each time I’ve made this I have added a different 7th layer, this time I used canned artichoke hearts.  But you can add anything you like, it’s your dip- do what you … Continue reading

Who wants to learn Italian?

I was doing the Friday Favorites meme but I never seem to keep up with those week after week but I think they are great. This week I stumbled upon a cool blog, actually it was just today. I got an email with a link and I don’t even remember signing up for this site! … Continue reading