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Look what I found!

Look what I found!

On Sunday I noticed there were three lovely yellow flowers on one of my zucchini plants. This morning I found three little zucchini growing at the end of those flowers! I am so excited. I hope I have enough to leave on my neighbor’s doorstep….and to make lots of yummy recipes. There is only one … Continue reading

Herbs and plants

Don’t be shocked because I have blogged several times this week but I guess the mood hit me to blog. I have been lamenting over the pitiful state of my one surviving basil plant from the summer that I decided it was time to buy a new plant. Look at this awful sorry state of what … Continue reading

Green thumb or black?

Most of my attempts to grow plants and flowers have been rather pitiful. The elusive green thumb hides from me on a regular basis. I have barely managed to keep a Philodendron alive all winter long. I am sure it has less to do with me than with Phil. He sees it and says “we … Continue reading