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Homemade lasagna with fresh ricotta cheese

I purchased some fresh ricotta cheese today after reading all the pros of using fresh over the stuff in plastic tubs. So I am going to make the noodles, homemade, and some sauce and put together a lasagna this weekend. Stay tuned. Also I have a request from my Facebook fan page for Italian tapas, … Continue reading

Ravioli making

My family came for a visit and I promised them homemade ravioli. I can remember every year at Easter, my grandparents and their cousins made ravioli for the Easter meal. I also remember walking to the cousin’s house with my dad or uncle to get the ravioli box out of their freezer . To me, it was … Continue reading

Ricotta Cheese cookies

I love to cook but baking has never been my forte’. Maybe it’s because of the need for precise measuring. Maybe because it’s because I am intimidated by some family members who are great bakers. In any case, every year at Christmas I do try a new recipe. This year alone I have learned how … Continue reading